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Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

My Favorite Place To Knit!


I spent a lot of last week knitting at the hospital.  It’s my favorite place to knit. Ha!  That’s what I told my aunt.  Don’t tell her I lied!!!  The week had its scary moments, but she’s on the mend.   God’s grace is amazing.

I have one question.  How do people keep from running screaming down the halls if they don’t knit?  I’m not the most patient person in the world, and my knitting keeps me from screaming at the medical professionals that ignore take care of us.

Anyway….a finished shawl!

It’s the Conifer Shawl, knit with Sudara Silky Merino in the Cobalt over Mediterranean  colorway.

I had Superblonde model it for me after I realized she had a top on that matched it.  She was quite uncooperative!

I think its rather cowardly to hide behind an innocent dog!

I had to wind the 4th skein of yarn just to finish the bind off.  Oh, well!  At least I didn’t run out.

I love this lattice stitch.

I enjoyed knitting this shawl more than any other project I’ve worked on in a long time.  I absolutely loved the yarn; both the color and the feel of it!

Coming up next….a finished quilt, and two black and tan quilt projects!

Oh, and before I forget, I’ve been horrible about answering comments!  Thanks so much for all of them!  I always read the comments and I love them!  I’ll try to do better!!!

I’m off to a meeting, and then it’s home to those black and tan quilts!!!

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11 thoughts on “My Favorite Place To Knit!

  1. Knitting is so portable! I call it my sanity, as I care for my 100 1/2 year old mother. There have been many trips to the hospital. Now that’s she’s in a nursing home, I carry my knitting every day when I visit her.

  2. Love the color and the pattern. Absolutely beautiful…

  3. Wow! I love this the most as well. The lattice stitch looks complicated. The color is glorious and so is the model. Lol, hiding behind the cutest little dog!


  4. Conifer is lovely! Thank you for showing a detail of the lattice stitch. I’m especially glad your aunt is on the mend.

  5. The knitting saved me over the two years that my father was in the nursing home. I’m loving your Conifer shawl. Have never used the Sundara – is it the fingering weight silk/merino? I’m pretty certain that I ASKED you NICELY to stop posting these irresistable creations of yours! But you just won’t listen … lol

  6. iPhone Scrabble.

  7. Glad you aunt is on the mend. And, yes, thank heavens for knitting while doing hospital vigils.

  8. I too spent the last few days in a hospital knitting, waiting while my youngest daughter had surgery. I knit a plain jane sock, the surgeon came out to talk with me, and commented on the complicated bit of work in my hands, looking at my humble sock on dpns. Who would have thunk a surgeon would think knitting a sock would be complicated!

  9. Your aunt is in my prayers. The shawl came out absolutely beautiful i just love the color!!

  10. Thank you for knitting in my mom’s room, for coffee and strawberry deliveries, and for the overall “supervision” you provided. I like superblonde and pupster better than the knitting but the black and tan quilts? oh my, that’s probably going to be my favorite. I always pick out shades of brown and black for quilt colors and mama shakes her head at me. ;0)

  11. I LOVE that quilt (for the office kitchen) and the shawl is just beautiful.
    Love to you!
    and thanks for taking care of our precious aunt!!!

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