Passing Down Crazy

Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

Warning: Sunglasses Needed!


I have company today.

Yesterday afternoon, Frankie started running a temp and had a nasty headache.  His temp was pretty high early this morning, but he’s feeling much better now.  I think it’s because he has Nurse Georgie Girl taking care of him.

I’ve been spinning this weekend.  I started about 10 days ago with this:

This roving was three similar braids of merino from Alchemy Fibre Arts. Aren’t they beautiful?  I had a total of about 12 ounces.  I wound them onto three bobbins, and spun them into 3 ply.

I warned you that you needed sunglasses!!!

I ended up with one giant skein and a second smaller skein, so I have 700 yards of sport weight to play with.  Here’s the giant skein.

Does anyone have any suggestions for what I should knit with this eyeball bleeding bright yarn?  Because I’m clueless!

Last night I started spinning a sedate blue green merino silk.  What total opposites!

I’m also knitting a lot, but not on the same project, so I’ll probably have a finished project in a month!!!  Yesterday I pulled out my Keelin cardigan.  I started it last summer and I just need to finish knitting the sleeves.  Of course the re-education process is a pain when you pick up an abandoned project and I have a mistake that I left.  So, maybe I will have a finished project eventually.

Well, Frankie is hanging out watching cartoons.  Maybe I’ll grab my knitting and join him.  I don’t get to hang out with just him very often, so I better grab this moment!!!  He’ll soon be a teenager that doesn’t want to hang out with Mom!

Happy Monday!

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17 thoughts on “Warning: Sunglasses Needed!

  1. Do you have an elementary school girl in your life? That would make a fun cardigan.

  2. I agree with Rebkatz. I’d also include a tween. I just finished knitting the tulip baby sweater and I am knitting the tulip sweater designed for adults for me – yep, I am wearing those horizontal stripes. I think the tulip sweater design would let the yarn talk and the design is a cute shape.

  3. I suggest something for Miss InCharge, a summer tee or tank would be terrific in these colors.

  4. I LOVE those colors!!! How about some yummy socks??

  5. Gorgeous photo of the little man and his nurse. Hope he’s feeling much better.
    The yarn is fabulous! How about a vest, something to be worn in the dead of winter when you’re in need of colour in your life?

  6. I see some fun socks with plenty of yarn to spare.
    I love to look at this lady’s socks. I dream of having this many pairs.

  7. Ski hats. You will never lose each other.

  8. No suggestions because you always land on the ‘right’ design. LOVE your brightly colored fiber. More importantly, I’m a bit envious that you have a day to share with your small guy – I remember those moments as potent and lovely – even 20 years later! Andrew suffered from ear infections – we had many such afternoons on the couch together – memories which will last a lifetime!

  9. A sweater for Georgie, of course!

  10. My retinas will never be the same…

  11. Y’know, I’ve found that puppies always make one feel better. 😉

  12. Oh those colors I love them! The first thing I thought about was adding the beautiful colors for a cardigan with black sleeves or some type of faux fair isle with black or use the colored yarn for a nice yoke then pick another color to finish the sweater! Like other have said I can’t wait to see what you choose you always pick great patterns!

  13. Love that yarn! Reminds me of the bags we used to carry when I was in high school – really brightly woven “baskets” with long leather straps.

  14. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the yarn. makes me totally happy to look at it!!

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