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Should I Panic Yet?


I have three days to suddenly become organized.  Don’t laugh!  We leave in the middle of the night on Friday to catch a flight.  A flight that will take My Hero and I away for 15 days.  It’s our 25th Anniversary next week, and we’re going to the Caribbean.  (Yes, there will be blog posts.)

Before then I need to:

  • Finish quilting and bind a quilt.  Almost Done!
  • Sign Frankie up for summer camp.  Done
  • Make a Target run.  Done
  • Celebrate Dreamboy’s 16th birthday.
  • Take Dreamboy in for his drivers test.  Passed!
  • Buy a boatload of groceries.
  • Guitar lessons.  Canceled
  • Clean my bedroom and bathroom for Super Nanny!
  • Register Ms In-Charge for a missions trip.  Done
  • Do the whole prom thing with Superblonde.
  • Pay bills.
  • Go to a funeral.  It will be a joy and it will be heartbreaking.
  • Do laundry.  Done
  • Cover my gray hair.  Done
  • Piano lessons.  I can’t forget like I did last week!
  • Pack.
  • Assemble electronics (computer, Kindle, camera, power converter, etc.)
  • Sleep a little bit.  Ha!  When?

Yeah!  You’re feeling really sorry for me, aren’t you?  Ha!

It’s a good thing I have my knitting organized.

It’s the Caribbean.  Who needs clothes?


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10 thoughts on “Should I Panic Yet?

  1. You can buy clothes on vacation… but yarn stores in the Caribbean may be thin on the ground.


  2. Holy cow, that is quite a list! Good thing you have a fab trip as motivation!~

  3. haha! first things first!
    the good news is you have a list! you’re off to a good start!
    Have a great trip!

  4. I think my blood pressure just went up as I read your blog! Your list is your only link to sanity as far as I can tell. Have a great trip!

  5. I realize that every time I have a schedule like yours the first thing I do is the knitting that I will need. OH Well!! Then I can really prioritize every thing else. You can do it, Just block the time elements on your calendar and multitask, knowing that the knitting is ready.

  6. Have a great time, you’re going to love it….you’ll get through that list, I have faith in you…

  7. I am all ready to go. 🙂

  8. I’m glad to see that your priorities are in order – the Yarn.
    Have a wonderful trip!

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  10. Happy 25th Anniversary!!!! My hero and I celebrated ours last year with a cruise to the western caribbean. Enjoy!!!!!!

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