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Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

It Says Sucker On My Forehead


So, y’all saw my list the other day, right?  Well, Dreamboy came home from school yesterday and his big 6 foot self with big brown eyes asked if I could make cookies for his class for his 16th birthday.  What did I say?

I said, “Sure!  I’d love to do that!”

16 years ago today, a baby boy was added to two girls.  He’s been an easy kid from the start.  Hence the name Dreamboy.  He’s now 6 feet tall and is turning into an amazing man of God.  He very quietly has a mind of his own and he won’t be swayed.  He loves basketball and playing bass guitar on the Epic worship team.  I can’t wait to see what God has in store for him.

Oh, and he’s an awesome big brother!

He also passed his drivers test already this morning!

My list is been systematically being conquered though.  The quilt is finished!

Actually, if you look closer, it’s not.  I just have to finish stitching binding.  Even though I’m really critical of my machine quilting, I’m relatively pleased with it.  It will hang somewhere at my kids school.  Right now, I don’t care if they hang it in a bathroom as long as it’s out of my house.

And now it’s time to  hit the next thing on the list.  I must pack!


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6 thoughts on “It Says Sucker On My Forehead

  1. Congrats on your 16yo young man! It sure does bring back memories of my tall son 🙂 I know my son has a part of my heart that no one else can have. He just had his 2nd child this week – a boy!

    Ooh la la! Gorgeous quilting! I love what you did with those blocks … when I saw it BQ (before quilting), I pondered on how I would quilt it. I will be printing this out for my idea book for sure!

  2. I am so thankful for that son. May you and your hero have a wonderful 25th anniversary trip. I am thankful for both of you too!

  3. How could you turn down Dreamboy’s request?, especially on his 16th birthday… Congrats on passing the drivers test too!
    Have a wonderful, relaxing, romantic, productive-knitting vacation & 25th anniversary.

  4. Oh, Maria. There is no other accomplishment as wonderful as the one you describe in the lovely compliments you give to your son. Congratulations to you and your husband on being the the right models for forming this young man.

  5. Happy Birthday to a great kid and also contratulations on passing the driving test. You had your priorities right when you made the cookies!! Have a fun vacation. The quilting looks amazing!!

  6. Happy belated birthday to your wonderful son and congratulations to him for passing his drivers test. God has blessed you with a wonderful family enjoy every moment with them!!!

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