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We’re Not In Minnesota Any More!


Top 10 ways we know we’re not in Minnesota anymore.

10.  We’re bowling with sunscreen bottles.
9.  A bird keeps flying into the kitchen and eating our pears.

8.  No windows!!!

7.  We’re starting to get tan!

6.  My Hero naps outside in a swimsuit.

5.  The sunsets!

4.  There are photos of knitting without snow!

3.  French cereal.  It has little chunks of chocolate and white chocolate in it.  My Hero and my sister are loving it!

2.  My sister and her hubby are here! (This was a few days ago.  They’re way tan now!)

And the number one way we know we’re not in Minnesota…this is our view from every point in the house.  Even when we’re lying in bed.  Spectacular.

Happy 25th Anniversary to My Hero.  I’m so thankful and so blessed!

Author: mariajhmom

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12 thoughts on “We’re Not In Minnesota Any More!

  1. Gorgeous! Enjoy.

  2. Wow, that’s gorgeous!! Where is it? I want to go there too!

    Have a wonderful time & happy 25th anniversary!!!

  3. Happy Anniversary! Next Monday is my 26 1/2 anniversary. The time usually goes by too quickly to count the half years though! When you get back you HAVE to say where you were. Because that’s where I want to be on my 30th!

  4. What spectacular views! Enjoy your precious time together and God Bless.

  5. Looks amazing… I’m guessing Guadeloupe/Martinique… Enjoy!

  6. Enjoy!!!! The view is magnificent!!!!!

  7. Wow!!! Have fun!

  8. You definitely have to tell us where you are here, generally and specifically. 🙂 Because if you’re in a hotel then I might have found the perfect place to get my husband to take me for our 20th wedding anniversary!

  9. WOW!!! Looking forward to hearing just where you found this gem…and I mean the resort; not your hero.

  10. Happy 25th Anniversary to you and Your Hero! I will toast you with a bowl of muesli from my local “Super U”, but it’s not anywhere near as exotic as yours. So, where are you? Guadeloupe, Martinique, Tahiti? Do tell (when you return, of course)…

  11. Spectacular! Happy Anniversary to you both!

  12. Beautiful! Enjoy – what a lovely place to celebrate together!

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