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Finally! Spring in Minnesota


First of all, thank you for all the comments on our 25th wedding anniversary.  You’ll be happy to know that we’ve decided we still like each other…a lot!

We got home Monday morning at 2 AM.  At 6 AM, My Hero went off to work, and at 6:30, I was greeted by a very exuberant dog.  I got up and hugged all the kids and got them off to school.  By 9:30, I’d unpacked both suitcases and had laundry going.  Normally it takes me a week or two to unpack suitcases.  The rest of the day, I wandered around like a zombie!

Oh, I did get one other thing done in the morning.  I blocked my Budding Apple Shawl.

This morning it was time for her glamour shots.  I was so excited to be able to photograph a knitting project outside.  It really is finally spring.

This is Budding Apple by Anne Hanson of Knitspot.

As you may or may not have read in this post, I won this pattern, yarn, and needles in a contest on Anne’s blog. The yarn is Kollage Creamy and it was knit using two sizes of Kollage square needles.  It was a really fun project.  I had three skeins of yarn and only used a little bit of the third skein.  I knit the medium size, and now I kinda wish I’d knit the largest size.  Oh well!  This will be great for spring in Minnesota.  Have I mentioned that spring is finally here?

I’m really pleased with this project!  It’s soft and has wonderful drape.  Thanks again to Anne at knitspot and Erica from Kollage for a wonderful knitting experience.

Another project that got a lot of attention on our vacation was this one.

This is the Northern Lights shawl.  I’m knitting it using some of my handspun.  Here’s the only problem.

I have to finish spinning the yarn before I can finish the shawl.  That’s one of my projects for this week.

So, before I go, I should probably tell you where we went on our Anniversary trip, huh.  There were some really close guesses in the comments.

St. Barts (English) or St Barth (French) is an 8 square mile island in the Caribbean  If you’re curious or bored, here is some info about it.  However, it’s a thousand times more amazing than any website can show you.  It was an absolutely perfect anniversary celebration.  I wouldn’t have changed one thing.

And now we’re home.  The kids are good.  The dog is happy.  The nanny is thrilled to go back to being just a fiance’ and not a parent!  It’s spring in Minnesota.  Oh, did I already mention that?  Life is good.

There’s only one thing that is scaring the tar out of me…..

My kids are done with school next week.  What do I make for lunch every day?

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5 thoughts on “Finally! Spring in Minnesota

  1. Gotta love coming home to Spring as opposed to more S**w! Great time of year to do this. The shawl is beautyous, as usual! With cool MN nights, I’m sure you’ll get lots of use with this one.
    Thanks for the vacation link – our 25th is next year. A gal can dream, right?
    Yikes! – school is coming to an end, isn’t it…..

  2. Your shawls are lovely, and hip hip hooray for your marital milestone!
    I’m so glad you revealed your island paradise. (Is it a secret where, in particular, you were staying? The photos gave me serious vacation envy! 🙂 )

  3. Welcome back– glad you had such a wonderful time– and with knitting!

  4. The shawl is gorgeous! And I love the color too!

    I can only hope that in another 9 years, we’ll still like each other. If we ever see each other between now and then with the crazy kid’s schedules!

    Keep up the spinning. It promises to be equally pretty!

  5. Maria- A big congratulations on your 25th Anniversary- I will be celebrating mine in October.

    The age old question- what to make for lunch/dinner.

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