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Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

So Now What?


The kids began their summer vacation today.  Now I need to figure out how to keep them busy this summer.  Otherwise they may kill each other.  There are also a few parenting issues going on.  It was so easy when they were little.  A time out usually rearranged their attitudes.  As they get older, we can’t adjust behavior and attitudes as easily.  My main goal for the last 21 years has been to turn our children into decent human beings.  Just when I think we’ve got it down, somebody decides to test the rules.

So, when I’m feeling unsettled, what do I do?  This week, I’ve been spinning.  Spinning gives me time to calmly think things through, and to pray about the situation.  So I took this Blue Face Leicester and Tussah silk roving from Woolgatherings:

And turned it into this:

It’s 152 yards of navajo plied yarn.  I have two more braids of this stuff to spin.  I’m thinking about knitting something entrelac.  I’m not sure what yet.  It’s dk weight and I was able to spin it so quickly because it’s not laceweight!

Both My Hero and I have also spent quite a bit of time working in our flowers.  The weeds are mostly under control and the iris’ are ready to bloom.

So, now what?  Tomorrow we begin adjusting to summer.  We’ll probably sleep in.  We’ll plan some fun things.  I’m also going to make a list of summer jobs and projects and we’ll figure out who has the honor of doing what projects!  Because my job is to turn our children into decent human beings.

And…we’re getting there!  I feel so blessed to have great kids!  A little fine tuning is all we need at times.


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4 thoughts on “So Now What?

  1. Wow! That hank of threads is just so beautiful! I would love to come for a spinning lesson!!!


  2. Oh boy, I remember those days of kids and summer vacation! You have my prayers! Love the braids and yarn; gorgeous colors!

  3. I sure do miss those “fine tuning” days! When my son would get into trouble, I could always find something for him to clean 🙂 My cupboards used to sparkle inside and out back then. He’s 24yo with his own 2 little ones, but I still have fun telling him how dirty my cupboards are now! hehe

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