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Memories of St. Barts


We’ve only been home from our vacation for two weeks, but it already seems like a distant memory.  I do, however,  have this!

I started the shawl while we were on vacation.  Every time I look at it, I think of the hours spent knitting while looking out over the ocean. I can almost hear the waves!

This project started with this:

I blocked it on Monday.

The pattern is Revontuli -huivi/Northern Lights.  I’m calling mine St. Barts Sea Shawl.  The roving is from Woolgatherings.  It’s merino and cultivated silk.  I ended up with 896 yards.  Toward the end, I started using a scale, and I had less than two yards left when I finished the bind off.

I love how dimensional this looks.  It’s funny how a pattern can strike you at different times.  I’d looked at this pattern on ravelry many times.  It’s been a really popular pattern, but I just didn’t like it.  Then, when I got the roving, I decided I wanted it to stripe instead of blending the colors.  As I was browsing patterns for this yarn, this just talked to me!

This yarn was so much fun to knit.  I’ve decided my favorite fiber to spin and to knit is merino/silk.  It’s really soft and has amazing drape.

There may be a lot more spinning going on this summer.  It’s relaxing and keeping this place clean is futile.  My home is now a boarding house.  I have one extra college kid for a month, with another coming next week.  I love it though!  They’re great guys.  And last night, Ms. In-Charge had a couple of friends overnight.  They’re in the pool right now.  It’s finally warm and sunny here!

I think I’ll head outside and knit for a while.  A clean house is overrated!


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11 thoughts on “Memories of St. Barts

  1. I am a spinner, and love how you got the yarn to stripe. How did you spin this roving to get that effect? I have some similar colored silk roving and would really
    like to make that shawl.

  2. That is GORGEOUS. Perfect looking-over-the-ocean knitting.

  3. I just love your St Barts Shawl – and it’s not something that would generally catch my eye unless you featured it in all it’s original glory!!! I think that the best creations are the ones that travel with us – in our minds, in our hearts, and finally – through our hands, where all the magic comes together. This is one that you will ALWAYS be emotionally attached to! It’s a true beauty.

  4. Wow, your shawl is just simply gorgeous. I’ve added this pattern to my queue on ravelry and I’ve even visited woolgathering’s site on etsy. I too love spinning merino/silk fiber.

  5. That shawl is gorgeous! Just couldn’t be better. I was NOT familiar with that pattern. I’ll have to look it up.

  6. Absolutely beautiful! I, too, am wondering how you spun the yarn. Is it two-ply or three-ply? I have just started spinning again, after a ten-year-or-so hiatus. Now all of those pretty colored rovings call to me. Two are stashed in my bins. I’m almost afraid to spin the! Thanks for any input.

  7. Can you squeeze in one more? I’ll bring fiber. 🙂

  8. Wow! Your shawl is Gorgeous!! Love the colors and the pattern! It certainly does look like it was inspired by the blue waters. Great job!

  9. Wow! Absolutely stunning!

  10. Just beautiful!

  11. Isn’t it amazing how memories work…and how projects we work on while on vacation can take us back in an instant! Your shawl is beautiful!

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