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Super Secret Quilting


Waaaaaaaaaaayyy back in January, I got a sneak preview of some really cool quilt patterns that would be available for Quilt Market in May.

Guess what?  They’re available and they’re wonderful!  Heather Peterson of Anka’s Treasures has a new book out called Living Large 2.  (This link will show you some of the patterns in the book.  The rest you can see right here.)  The book is designed to use those beautiful large scale prints that you just can’t cut into tiny pieces.

I love every pattern in the book.  I want to make them all as soon as I clean up my messy sewing room.

We did a quilt retreat at my house in January and Heather was working on these projects.  My Hero stopped at home and loved the quilt that ended up on the cover.  So I begged asked nicely if I could steal the pattern.  I made this quilt that weekend.

The fabric is Nest by Tula Pink.  It was one of her older lines that I had sitting around forever, just waiting for the perfect pattern.  I think I found it!  I did my border on my own, because Heather hadn’t decided what she wanted to do with hers at the time.

Heather has a way of designing projects that look really difficult, but they’re really easy.  This quilt went together so quickly and it was really fun!

I also made these happy blocks.

This is the runner below is the one Heather designed.  It’s also in her Living Large 2 book.  (The photo is Heathers.)    I’m trying to decide if mine will be a runner or if I’ll make it square because I have a couple extra blocks.

Now that you’ve seen all these great patterns, you need to take a second and order the book!    Go ahead!  I’ll wait.  Oh, and your husband called and said you should probably buy a bunch of fabric too!

There has been a bit of knitting going on as well.

This is the Zoe Cardi by c2knits.  The yarn is String Theory Merino DK.  I ordered it last week from The Loopy Ewe and it was wound, swatched, and the project begun the day it showed up at my door.  I’ve never knit with any of the yarn by string Theory before.  I’m impressed!

I’ve also been doing some spinning.  I finished spinning the yarn that I showed in this post.  Actually, it’s on the blog header too.  I’m going to wind it this weekend.  I think I have the perfect project picked out for it.  We’ll see how the swatch looks.

I must be in creative mode, because I have so many ideas swimming around in my head.  I’m going to knit a curtain.  There will be some fiber dyeing going on in a few weeks.  (I think the kids will be involved in this!)  And there are all of those quilts in Heather’s new books that are talking to me.

I’m trying to do the necessary things, like cleaning up this house and planning meals, in the morning.  Then I can do the fun stuff.  My plan hasn’t been a total success because my house is kind of messy.  One of my kids, Frankie, is kind of a Messy Marvin!

Now if I could just keep the kids’ schedules straight, I’d have it made!



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9 thoughts on “Super Secret Quilting

  1. I love Heather’s patterns too..I’m making simple gifts right now from the same book…love it…so simple and fun…yet looks more complex!


  2. You are awesomely creative and productive as usual (housework is boring….)!

  3. Love your blog.

  4. I have one of Heathers books from a prior post of yours and I haven’t made anything from it. I need to correct that! I also love reading her blog.

  5. I just love your border design. I may just have to make another one just like it!

  6. Love your Nest quilt! That pattern is great – so versatile and lots of great movement! Going to check out HEather’s book right now….

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  9. this is GORGEOUS!
    I also want to get this book!

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