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Most Boring Post Ever!


Warning:  This could be a really lame post!  I’ve had a headache for several days and it’s 99 degrees and windy.  I’m not complaining about the weather though.  It’s my pet peeve.  Because, here in Minnesota, we have really nice houses.  When it’s really cold outside, it’s warm inside.  And when it’s 99 degrees, it’s nice and cool in my house. And…it’s supposed to be sunny and high 60’s for the next few days.

I may complain about this stupid headache though!

My blob of purple yarn is starting to look like a cardigan.

I just realized the color is way off on this photo.  It’s purple in real life, although I really like royal blue.

I decided to join the All Spun Up SAL for May/June.  I ordered 8 ounces of a surprise roving and it needed to be spun by the end of June.  I’m actually ahead of the game.  Wow!  Here’s what was waiting for me when we got home from our vacation.

Yes, it’s as soft as it looks.  I spun it into about 400 yards of 3 ply.  It probably isn’t anything I’d have chosen, because it has a lot more gray in it than the photo shows, but I like it!  It’s a wonderful, warm brown as well.

I haven’t measured it yet, but I’m guessing it’s about dk weight.  I think it would make a great scarf.

Superblonde and Dreamboy left yesterday for some fishing in Alaska with Grandpa and Grandma and two cousins.  Ms. In-Charge has been babysitting the last few days.  She loves it and it keeps her busy.  Frankie is in the pool with a friend.

I think I’ll go make myself an iced latte’.  I just bought Almond Joy creamer and I haven’t tried it yet. Maybe my aching head will be pacified!

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6 thoughts on “Most Boring Post Ever!

  1. No such thing as a lame post when there’s beautiful yarn to look at! We are a silly bunch of MN & WI folks, huh? Either too cold or too hot 🙂 Stay cool and enjoy your latte’ – sounds yummy!

  2. The sweater is lovely and…was that ALMOND JOY CREAMER you mentioned? Um, yum?

  3. I don’t usually like flavored creamers, but I am liking the almond joy! Hope the coffee scared away your headache!

  4. Weather headaches are the worst!
    I followed the SAL link and saw the lovely fibre, but nothing about the SAL. Are there more details somewhere else?

  5. So sorry to hear about your headache; sure hope you’re better very soon. Maybe now that the temps here in MN are going to cool down for a while, it’ll relieve your headache. Your sweater looks like it’s going to be beautiful! Love the pattern. And that roving! Sure looks scrumptious in the picture. Enjoy your latte!

  6. Zzzzzz…..

    I have the problem photographing purples…They look like perinwinkle. Enjoyed reading as usual…

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