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Saturday in the Park


I’m a big Chicago fan.  Now that you saw the title of this post, you’ll have the song stuck in your head forever!

I spent most of the day outside today.  It was about 70 degrees with no wind.  So we tried something really fun!  Ever since I went to Sock Camp with Tina of Blue Moon Fiber Arts, I’ve been wanting to dye yarn.  The last few weeks were spent acquiring supplies.  After studying the dying process enough to make my head hurt, I decided it was time to just go for it.

I purchased canning jars to mix the dye stock in.  The dye is toxic in powder form, so I wore a mask when I mixed the stock.  I used Lanaset/Sabraset dye.

After the stock was mixed, I put some into squirt bottles and diluted it further. I didn’t measure precisely, because I’m not going into business, and I don’t have to repeat my colors.  This is just for fun!

Frankie hung out with me the whole time.  Anything I forgot to bring outside, he fetched for me!

Once we finally got set up, the fun began!  I had some skeins of yarn that I just didn’t like the color of, so we practiced on those today.

Pretty soon Ms. In Charge got curious, and decided she wanted to play with color.  She was really good at it.  She was mixing colors to create her own.  The color you see on most of that skein were the original colors.  Yuck!

I got to dye several skeins too.  I also overdyed some roving that I wasn’t loving.  These were the first skeins I did.  They’re probably my favorite of the day!

After all was said and done, this was the result.

Not bad for a practice session, huh?

I’m really thankful for such perfect weather, because this is way too messy to do in my house.  We were getting dye everywhere!  It was just a great day!

I have lots of undyed roving and yarn ordered, and The Genius is coming home next week.  Guess what we’re going to be up to?



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8 thoughts on “Saturday in the Park

  1. WOW! I want to bring my fabrics and dye at your table! Great helpers, eh!!!


  2. I’m super excited! Should I bring my color wheel?

  3. those are absolutely beautiful!!

  4. I love to dye yarn but don’t do it often. Unfortunately I dye faster than I can knit!

    Love the pink/orange!

  5. OMG! Those skeins are gorgeous! Great job! Love the look on your son (eyes crossed). This is the kind of response I get when I talk to the kids (or any non-fiber person) about my passion. So glad you all had a beautiful day to experiment and play! Can’t wait to see more.

  6. Phenomenal! I have always wanted to try with my kids. You have convinced me it is a doable outdoor activity!
    And your results are awesome! Can’t wait to see some of them knit up!

  7. Dying is so much fun and it has been ages since I’ve done some!! If only it wasn’t 100 degrees outside.

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