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Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

Yarn To Dye For


The Genius is home from college this week, so  planned a day to do what every college student wants to do…dye yarn.  Ha!  This was the result of a very fun day!

And yes, the irony of dyeing and spinning more yarn while knitting less has not evaded me.

The Genius’ process for dying yarn is very unlike mine.  First of all, she wears My Hero’s crocs!  Don’t tell him!

For some reason it cracked me up every time I saw them.

Anyway, she’s really good at diluting the dyes and creating blended colors.  I think that translates into yarn that is much more usable.  Mine is pretty in the hank though.  I’ll show you what I mean.  Here are three of hers.

If you see the left one in person, there is just a tint of lilac in it.  It will make the most gorgeous shawl.

Then, there are my favorites.

They’re gorgeous in the skein, but they’ll probably knit up like rainbow barf.

Our dye studio wasn’t nearly as pretty as the last time we dyed yarn.  It rained on and off all day, so we worked in the garage.  And we had this helper!  He succeeded!

This is another of The Genius’ creations.  This is 800 yards of cashmere from Great Northern Yarns.  I wish you could touch it!

And another of mine.

Here is the masterpiece of the day, created by The Genius.

This is five skeins of MCN (merino, cashmere, nylon) that she gradient dyed.  I’ve found myself wishing that she’d have a case of yarnmnesia, so I could keep these.  She’s calling them Tequila Sunrise.  I was so inspired by hers, that I dyed this.

I didn’t get the yellow I wanted, but I love this skein!  There are 600 yards of fingering weight here, just waiting for the perfect shawl pattern.

It was really fun to have The Genius here for the last 10 days.  I finally had someone that I could talk knitting with.  (My Hero tries, but his glazed over look occasionally gives him away.)  She goes back to college tomorrow, and I need to be an adult and catch up on the stuff that normal moms do, like grocery shopping and laundry.

Gotta go!  There’s a Nerts game waiting for me!


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5 thoughts on “Yarn To Dye For

  1. All of these colors are beautiful! It makes me really wish I knew how to knit…I guess I will have to stick to quilting and just perhaps be inspired by all of these beautiful colors. My favorite grouping is the one your daughter termed “Tequila Sunrise”.

  2. The Genius is really quite talented in this arena. I like what you dyed a lot but she really has a flair for color! Genius!

  3. All your yarns are absolutely gorgeous! I’m talking boutique- yarn- store Gorgeous!! Your daughter’s gradient dyeing is beyond words. Can’t wait to see more from you both.

  4. You know where this is leading don’t you? Soon the yarn will overtake your space and the result will be wonderful for other knitters, you will start selling your yarn. Then all the knitters will rejoice…hope you took good notes!

  5. The yarn looks positively delicious! I love every last skein of it. You’re both geniuses at this dyeing stuff. Bravo. (P.S. Do you need my address so you know where to send it??)

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