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Something To Make You Smile!


I’ve had it up to my eyeballs with the news, Minnesota state shutdown, and stupid people!  If this doesn’t make you smile, I give up!

I may love this quilt more than any other I’ve ever made.  I pieced it several years ago, maybe even more than four years ago, because I couldn’t find it on the blog.  Why didn’t I quilt it sooner?  I knew how I wanted to quilt it, but didn’t think I could make it look decent before now.

I decided not to do any quilting on the ladybugs, because they’re rounded in real life.

I put ladybug buttons on two of the posts and black buttons on the rest.  Here’s my favorite part of the whole quilt.

I love the grass on the borders!

And now I’m off!  We have a huge celebration in the little town where I lived growing up, and where our kids now attend school.  The school was started in 1911, so it’s time to celebrate 100 years of God’s faithfulness!  It’s your typical small town celebration, complete with a talent show, ice cream social, fireworks, reunions, a church service, and a parade.  I’m on the Centennial committee, so it will be a busy few days.  I can’t wait!


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12 thoughts on “Something To Make You Smile!

  1. Well, that would be a favorite of mine as well…so bright and beautiful. I love how you quilted the ladybugs so they puff out. Great quilt!

  2. What a beautiful, whimsical quilt! Your freeform quilting is great! Have a great time at the social gathering in your town!

  3. I love the colors!!! It is a perfect cheery, put a smile on your face quilt!!!

  4. Awesome quilting, Maria! Happy 4th to you…..

  5. That’s so cute! Good job.

  6. This is fabulous!! I love ladybugs!!

  7. The quilt is fabulous — and so is your new header pic. LOL!

  8. did you make the ladybug quilt for someone in particular? Do you ever sell any of them? I know that’s probably like asking you to sell one of your children (I don’t quilt, but I do knit, so i get it), but that quilit would be a great gift for a good friend – she’s an infection control nurse, and the “ladybug” is kind of their unofficial mascot. Was it a kit from somewhere? thanks.

  9. Ha! That picture of “your hero” gave me quite a start! And then I did smile…

  10. Maria- That’s fabulous- the colors, the theme.
    Love it.

  11. did you post about the quilting method a while ago? I would love to have a link to the technique/person – I haven’t quilted in several years but have a few tops that I’m thinking about doing soon – I love the way that looks! Would you please email me the link? Thanks ever so much!

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