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The Glory of Sea Silk!


I just completed another project with Handmaiden Sea Silk.  Again, I’m in love!

The drape is amazing!

Sherri of The Loopy Ewe, put an idea of a virtual camp together.  She called it Camp Loopy.  From June 15- July 15, you had to do a two color shawl.  (I already ordered my yarn for the next round, but that’s another story!)  I chose Handmaiden Sea Silk in the Earth and Moss colorways.  The whole time I was knitting it, I was thinking I didn’t like the two color idea.

Then I blocked it!

I was wrong.  I’m going to get a lot of use out of this, especially in early fall.

The pattern is Morlynn.  I did the largest size, but in my case, the yardage was off.  I didn’t have enough of either color left to do one more row.  I was using a scale at the end to make sure I didn’t run out.  I had to cut a couple rows to make it.  Its an easy pattern, and I enjoyed knitting it.

This last photo is just so you can see my beautiful flowers.  I’m a lousy gardener, so we plant perennials and hope for the best.  Actually, there’s a tree growing in the middle of these tiger lilies.  I should fix that!

We have a quiet weekend ahead of us.  My Hero left on Wednesday and will be home late tomorrow night.  It’s been quiet without him.  I’m used to his snoring banter with the kids, and long conversations.  So Sunday after church we will be hang out and catching up with life, because his next week is crazy too.

Have a blessed weekend, everyone!


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12 thoughts on “The Glory of Sea Silk!

  1. Wow – that is just stunning!!

  2. It’s gorgeous!! Beautiful knitting, and the colors look great together!

  3. Your shawl is absolutely beautiful!!!! What a perfect color for fall. Enjoy wearing it.

  4. That. Is. Gorgeous. How much did you use? A skein of each?

  5. Absolutely beautiful, both your color choices and your work!

    Isn’t it fun to go to camp?

  6. Maria, this shawl is so beautiful! I love how the colors work together. Your speediness amazes me 🙂

  7. I also love it and am wondering how much you used?
    It really is lovely.

  8. That shawl is gorgeous – great colors!

  9. Another gorgeous FO– is there no end to your talents? 🙂

  10. I love Handmaiden sea silk so very much. I made a shawl at camp last year using two colors of it and after wearing it the past few nights and remembering how much I love the feel of it, I have been out checking the supply at Loopy to see what is available and happened upon your project when looking at the earth color. GORGEOUS! I think I have finally chosen my August project. Although, you may find something looking eerily familiar if you scan through the FOs at the end of the month!

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