Passing Down Crazy

Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

Shhh!!!! I’m Thinking


I’m sitting on my bed, listening to chainsaws, and thinking.  Thinking tends to hurt my head, so I try to limit it!  Ha!

I’m sitting on my bed because it’s hot outside.  And it’s humid.  The only place more humid than Minnesota yesterday was the Amazon (as in jungle, not online buying mecca).  And it’s supposed to be the same today.  Fortunately, this weather is the exception to the rule, and it’s supposed to go away in a few days.  And my bedroom has a ceiling fan.  Oh, and I’m working on a test knit.  More about that when I have permission.

I’m listening to chainsaws because of the weather too.  We had a big storm come through on Sunday night and this was the result.

This is the shed that houses the equipment for the pool.  The shed itself is really old.  Our house is 48 years old and we think it was an old farm shed that was here before the house.  Why it didn’t totally smash, we don’t know.  See those white pipes at the bottom?  That’s how the water gets from the pool to the pump and filter.  Two of them broke and dumped a bunch of water from the pool before the storm was over and I could get out there to shut things off.  (Of course My Hero had to be gone that night!)  If the last pipe breaks, the entire contents of our pool will be in ours and the neighbors back yards.  Anyway, the tree is being removed right now.

And now for what I’m thinking about as I sit on my bed, knitting away.  This quote was the facebook status of a friend from high school a few weeks ago.  I’ve had it on the desktop of my computer and I’ve been thinking about it a lot.

Most rewards of significance are not gained without effort. Some things won’t be yours unless you go after them. Whatever you value, pursue it. If it is worthwhile, be intentional, apply yourself and work for it.   Mark Beeson

I’ve been thinking about this as it applies to a couple of areas of my life, but most notably my job as a parent.  It’s never easy.  In a year, we’ll have a daughter graduating from college and joining the work force.  We’ll be packing another daughter up and deserting bringing her to college, and we’ll have survived yet another year of a daughter in junior high (I hope!).  And the boys, let’s just pray they maintain their usual equilibrium.

A few years ago when I was having a battle with The Genius, I told her I wanted two things for my children.

  1. Love God with your whole being.  Make a difference!
  2. Find something you’re passionate about and do your best at it.

That’s my definition of success for my children.  So, My Hero and I are going to continue to be intentional in what we do.  It’s pretty scary when you think that you only have one shot with your kids.  There are no do overs.

So…next post, it’s back to my usual crazy self.  I have a quilt on the longarm that I’ll be able to show you.  I’m knitting a curtain.  (Yes, I’m aware that I’m crazy.  Thank you for pointing that out.)  And I have a Camp Loopy project to start.  This month it’s socks or mittens with cables.  I even dyed the yarn for it myself.

And now, it’s back to my thinking…and trying to stay cool.


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15 thoughts on “Shhh!!!! I’m Thinking

  1. Back to your thinking 🙂 You make me smile! Thanks for getting deep and bringing us with you. Our God is not shallow and He didn’t create us to be either. Believe me it wasn’t just your words that caused me to think, but that picture too. Reminded me of the wise builder who’s house was built on a rock.
    Blessings on you today!

  2. What an awesome quote! It is very true. It almost sounds like a quote that should be above a locker room door to be read as you are heading out to play a game or read in a high school graduation speech as you are ready to head off to college and/or off to the working world.

    Hope you are able to stay inside and keep cool until this crazy warm weather passes! This weather is kind of like a snowstorm in the wintertime-you don’t want to go outside, so you stay inside and work on knitting or quilting projects!

  3. Thank goodness the tree (only) landed on the pump house!

  4. Don’t tell anyone but i’ve thought of knitting a curtain…

  5. Thank God it was only the shed. Glad that you and yours are safe. What is with this MN weather??Hate it! Anywho, stay cool and comfy. I can barely look at my knitting in this heat!

  6. What a great post, I just may print it off and make my girls read it. And I will keep the quote above my computer for my daily reminder as well. Well done!

  7. i agree with you on many counts, but I believe *because* our kids are capable of being affected by us, we have lots of do-overs. For one, we teach them humility by apologizing to them when we flub. This also teaches them we respect them, and aren’t perfect ourselves. No one act shapes the kid!

    LOVE reading your exploits in life, knitting and raising your wonderful kids.

  8. Loved the quote. Since I just had my oldest graduate from college, and my next one graduate from high school, it’s been challenging as a parent lately. Thank heavens for my dogs and sweet 10 year old. I love reading your thoughts and knowing we all share the same issues. The humid weather has arrived in Pittsburgh as well, so I feel your pain. Glad your tree damage wasn’t on your house! Love your knitting, as well!

  9. We, here in Ohio, are having the same weather. Maybe not quite as hot, but still miserable. I’m ready for fall! Loved your quote. copied it to keep reading when I need it. As a Mother of four grown men, I can tell you your never done. However it gets to be more fun watching them apply what u tried to teach them. U really think sometimes did anything stick? Including manners, religion, etc. but u will be surprised and delighted. It just takes longer to rise to the surface. Patience, really is a virtue. Takecare.. God does carry us through.

  10. I like this post so very much. Sorry about the tree! Been there, done that! Keep the faith!

  11. Too much excitement for you, it looks like. I hope the tree removal and repairs went well.

    Thanks for the quote. I’ve been seeing a lot of similar words lately. Suppose someone is trying to send me a message? 😀

    Love your newest shawl!

  12. Thank you for sharing that great quote and your accompanying thoughts.

    Glad it was your shed, not your house!

  13. I know I’m days late, but what a great quote. I just texted it to my husband and both my kids.

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