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Knitting On The Brain


I did a lot of knitting in the last week!  I’m combining a test knit with the 3rd Camp Loopy project.  The task for project three is to knit anything with 800 yards (or more) of yarn.  I’m test knitting Stethno for Kirsten Kapur of Through The Loops.  I was concerned that I wouldn’t get done in time, because I’m knitting the large size of this shawl and that uses 1,200 yards of yarn and I only have a month to knit it.

I knit 591 yards last week.  I’m at the half way point in the pattern.  That means I could almost knit two of them in that amount of time.  I guess I can quit obsessing now!

I love the combination of lace and cables.  I can guarantee you I’ll be blocking this two minutes after it’s off the needles.

This morning I decided to take a break from this shawl and work on the Stephen West Mystery Shawl.  The final clue just came out, so I decided to finish it!

I wasn’t so sure I was in love with it, but I’ve seen a few of them that are blocked, and it may be just fine.

My sister has now lived in Minnesota for 10 days.  I haven’t seen her today, but there are a lot of hours left.  And I just texted her to let her know that Ms In Charge is making cookies.  She’ll be here soon!

I’m going to go cut fabric.  I need to get back to my latest Living Large 2 project.  My sis has her first project planned to and is ready to start cutting.

Oh, and The Bickersons go back to school a week from today.  I’d be lying if I said I was sad about that.  There’s a pool party tomorrow to introduce one cousin to her classmates.  15 junior high girls.  Yay!?!

I think I’ll hit the Advil now and get a jump on that.


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5 thoughts on “Knitting On The Brain

  1. I absolutely adore the blue & orange shawl! Great fall colors!

  2. Lovin the shawls and yes…I would keep the
    Advil handy…your a wonderful Aunt for hosting. “D

  3. What a beautiful shade of red! I totally support the immediate blocking plan. Looking forward to seeing the finished shawl.

  4. What is sister working on? More Living Large book two? I’m going to start cutting today.

  5. Well, it may take some Advil to get through it, but I think it is just great that you’re doing that pool party. Really thoughtful!

    I like the West Knits shawl-I think it’s one that is going to wear well, even if you are not 100% thrilled when it is spread out flat.

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