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Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

Spinning Stuff


I did some spinning a while ago that I totally forgot to blog.

This is Silky Cashmerino and the colorway is called Cabana Boy.  It was purchased from Pepperpants on etsy.

I ended up with this!

Oh, wait.  That’s my flowers.  There is yarn in there though.  You have to humor me on the flower photos, because they’ll be covered with snow before I blink!

Let’s try this!

I started with 9 ounces of fiber and it’s 3 ply, but I don’t remember what I ended up with for yardage.  I usually write it on the label when I’m finished.  I hope I did this time!

I also spun this from some fiber I purchased from Alchemy Fibre Arts on Etsy.  Again, I sure hope I wrote down my info!

Just showing these makes me want to go spin!  Maybe tonight after the school board picnic.  Actually, it’s tempting to take my wheel along.  It’s always fun to show people how spinning works when they’ve never been exposed to it before.

And now, I need to go make a pasta salad!


Author: mariajhmom

I'm a wife, mom, quilter, knitter, and spinner. I blog at

3 thoughts on “Spinning Stuff

  1. I love the blues & greens in the top skein-I have a quilt in the works out of very similar colors. It would be great for you to share with us (your blog followers) some pictures or a video on how you do your spinning. I’ve never seen it done and am very curious on how that big puffy bundle of goodness ends up in a neat skein of yarn.

    • Also (as I am clueless about knitting) what does it mean when you talk about “blocking” a shawl and what that process entails after you finished knitting your shawl?

  2. Just beautiful. Spinning is an amazing thing. I am learning that if you just love the colors in the fiber; it doesn’t really matter what the end yarn does in the process, you will simply fall in love with it again.

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