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Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

I’ve Entered The Time Machine


I’m pretending it’s 1900 today.  I’m sitting outside looking at this!

I decided today is the perfect day to try something new…or is it old?  I’m dyeing yarn with black walnuts.  We have lots of black walnut trees in our yards and they produced a bumper crop of walnuts this year.  I wonder if that means lots of snow?  Anyway,  I donned my gloves and collected a bunch of black walnuts and put them in an old pair of nylons.  (Remember those torturous things that nobody wears any more?)

I covered them with water and cooked them on my fancy new outdoor propane burner.

While the walnuts were cooking, I soaked a bunch of yarn in water.  Then I pulled out the nylons full of black walnuts and dumped the yarn in the pot.

I think this project has the potential for greatness.

I feel like I should be sitting around singing Kum Ba Yah.  Either that or I’m the wicked witch of the west!

And now it’s back to 2011.  We’re tie dying t-shirts this afternoon…and adding glitter.  I did enjoy pretending it was 1900, even if just for a little while.  Life was so simple then…until it was time to do laundry.


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4 thoughts on “I’ve Entered The Time Machine

  1. I want to see the yarn color!!! Black walnut – how cool is that?

    Some one here in WI has a lot of huge acorns falling and mentioned the same thing about a hard winter. Time will tell…

  2. I have no idea what black walnuts are but I can’t wait to see the yarn!!! (And the shirts too!)

  3. ROFL! Yes, I have this same dilemma. There are so many ways that going back to an earlier era would be less complicated and part of me wishes that I could go back there. Then realities like indoor plumbing, washing machines and air conditioning sink in. I go fill my glass with ice cubes and sweet tea, throw in a load of laundry and lie down for a while. That fantasy quickly passes.

    I do want to see the results of your dying experience, though. I’ve always been curious about dying with walnuts. I’ve had a lot of fun dying yarn with other natural dyes but never got around to walnuts. The nearest tree is at the park downtown and the squirrels keep the area pretty cleaned up.

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