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Why Do I Do This?


I just finished a quilt.

And just why is this such a big deal?  I started it in May of 2008 and finished it (minus a border) in April of 2009.  I even blogged it and showed a photo of it on my bed.  So, why do I almost finish something and then wait 2 1/2 years to add one measly  border?

One border!  That was all I had left.  And now it will probably take me another 3 years to quilt it.

Today I finished a quilt project that I started about 10 years ago.  I sent out an email to a friend that took the class with me.  I really want to know when I started it.  I’ll post photos soon, because it’s really pretty.

So I could vow to work on one project at a time, or I could just give up and be me.  Hey, at least I finish eventually!

I’d love to hear your methods for getting projects completed. I could use some discipline ideas.



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11 thoughts on “Why Do I Do This?

  1. 10 years to finish is nothing — I’ve got 25 year old fabric that I’m afraid to cut up!! It must be a disease of some kind.

  2. can’t help ya. Got a gazillion half done/ partly done/ almost done projects myself.

  3. I suffer from this affliction too. Procrastination is my middle name! I love the serene fabrics in your quilt.

  4. I’m just the opposite. I break out in hives if I have more than one project going at a time. This week, I started a mystery sock, but the pattern is HARD…like, ‘the front and back of EACH LEG are a different chart’ hard…so I had to set it down after a bit. Bored, I started another sock (which is, thankfully, moving along faster), and while searching for a stitch marker, I found a nearly-completed scarf I didn’t even know was there. Unheard of, for me! I am now panic-knitting the scarf, while both pairs of socks taunt me from the basket.

    I love this quilt. But, I love all your quilts.

  5. that quilt is really quite lovely. =]

    that’s a lot coming from me, because i don’t like much ‘traditional’ block quilting and i don’t like yellow. but that color is a soft buttery shade. i love the prints and contrasts you used, especially incorporating that pin stripe.

    can’t wait to see it finished. no pressure, i’m patient.

  6. I have a quilt hanging in a bag in my closet I started in 1998, and it still isn’t done, I will finish it someday, I just don’t have a clue when, Right now almost all of the shawls I started in August and September and October will go on hiatus until February so I can get christmas knitting done, and then January is Me-uary, the one time of the year I knit for myself.

  7. I’m a do what I want whenever I want kind of quilter, knitter and stitcher. I do pretty well with keeping my knitting and stitching from getting too out of hand but quilting is another story for some reason. Couldn’t tell you why. I can say, that I don’t feel any guilt about it though! 🙂

  8. The only thing that gets me to finish stuff is if I need to give it as a gift or I promise an auction item for some benefit, Or I join a quilt along. When it comes to knitting its a different story. Don’t finish much because so much of the time I don’t like it, except socks. I think you finish a ton. Good luck. I enjoy your blog.

  9. Your quilt is beautifully elegant! I can’t wait to see it quilted and finished. I hope you don’t wait as long to finish it.

    I am terrible at starting projects and not finishing them. I tried earlier this fall to start getting in the habit that I must not start a project until I finish the started ones. That’s not working!! I get an idea for something in my head and I must start putting it together to see how it will look, so I work on that, then I get my hands on new fabric and have to do something fun with that, then….you know the rest.

    Just know you are not the only one that doesn’t finish a project before setting it aside or starting a new one. It is what we do I think as human nature and quilters. For me, it’s my ‘venting’ of my creativity, which cannot be held within for any extended periods of time. So until they find a cure for it…I’d say keep doing what you are doing and what works for you!

  10. Sorry – I can’t help you with the exact date of that class. I can’t remember what I did yesterday, much less ten years ago! (but ten years ago is my guess too)

  11. You don’t need help, it’s a common quilt “issue”. I won’t say problem because it’s not (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!). The official policy (well, mine anyway) is that some quilts just need time to “simmer” a bit before they truly need to get done. You appreciate them more when you really, really want them to be done instead of just finishing them for the sake of finishing.

    The reality is that whatever excitement you had for this project when you started it, didn’t hold during the piecing and you temporarily “fell out of love” for it. The fact that you are coming back to it now means that it suddenly has a new appeal to it. You know the old saying “absence make the heart grow fonder”!

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