Passing Down Crazy

Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

What’s New?


I’m trying to figure out what I’ve been doing since my last post.  Let me think!

  • Prepped a bunch of embroidery squares.
  • Cooked a turkey dinner.
  • Went to a bunch of meetings.  Lots done!
  • Parent Teacher conferences.
  • Knit part of another Anemone Hat.
  • Covered up my gray hair.
  • Spinning.
  • Lots of laundry

Here’s the spinning.

This is some merino/silk that I dyed a few weeks ago.  This is what it looked like unspun.

I still have a few singles to ply, but it’s been so easy to spin.

And now it’s time to go pack some suitcases.  My parents had their 50th Anniversary in September and we’re going on vacation to celebrate.  There are 29 of us.  I’m thinking that beach may never be the same!  There are 19 kids, age 2 to 22!  Add 5 adult couples to that, and you have one big party!!!

Here’s what I’m doing for the week.

Yes, I’m aware that there’s no way in the world that I’m going to knit and embroider all that in one week.  So please, just let me have my dream!!!

See ya tomorrow, Mom and Dad!  They’re already parked on the beach.  I hope they’re enjoying the quiet before the invasion of grandchildren starts!

Author: mariajhmom

I'm a wife, mom, quilter, knitter, and spinner. I blog at

5 thoughts on “What’s New?

  1. Hope you all have a great time celebrating at the beach! And that you get some time to enjoy some knitting and embroidering. Btw, I love the embroidering you’re doing. Very simple yet beautiful.

  2. We are ready! 5 airplane flights to meet! We are excited.

  3. Sounds wonderful. Congrats to your parents!!

  4. Enjoy!…..and I pack like that too….optimism!

  5. where did you order the patterns for the “Nice people, nice things”

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