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Hat Heads And A Contest!


Check the end of the post for a contest!

As I’ve already documented in previous blog posts, I’m addicted to making Anemone hats by Cat Bordhi.  I’ve now made five!  To show you the three latest hats, I’ve used my brother’s family to model the hats on the beach.

How cute are these girls?

From the back, the hats are just as cute, or maybe cuter!

This hat was knit with Malabrigo Rios.  I think the color was Archangel.

I knit this hat with some of my handspun so that makes it extra special.  That’s Superblonde in the corner.

This hat, modeled by my “little” brother, is knit with Lorna’s Laces Shepherd’s Worsted.  My brother thinks he should have this hat for hunting.  The color way is Camouflage.

I’m calling this photo Beauty and The Beast!  They’re the parents of the five kids that were the models.

And now for the official 50th Anniversary photo of my parents!  It’s the most priceless photo of the week.

And… it’s contest time.  Take a look at this photo!

What do you suppose the little sister is saying to her brother?

Leave a comment telling us what you think Little Miss E is saying to her brother.  Keep it clean, because their mother is a proper Southern lady and she will personally flog you if you get out of line!  Their parents and I will be the judges.  The winner will receive a skein of Fiesta Boomerang to make their own Anemone Hat.  I think the colorway is Crayon, but I can’t remember and I forgot to photograph it.

I’m so looking forward to reading these comments because this little girl is such a hoot!  She has an alto voice and loved the seeing the “wizards” (lizards) that hung out around the condo.

And now, it’s time to go unpack smelly suitcases and do laundry!

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34 thoughts on “Hat Heads And A Contest!

  1. can we switch hats?? I like the green hair

  2. It’s not easy being green

  3. “Let me explain how this is gonna happen bro…your gonna smile for this pic or there will be consequences”. (Hey I’m a Chicagoan…looks like a shakedown to me…lol)

  4. “Get sand in that hat, and you’re in trouble with Miss Maria!”

  5. We need to pretend that we like wearing these hats on the beach so that Aunt Maria will stop taking pictures and we can get back to playing on the beach

  6. Judging by the grip she has on him, I’m thinking she is saying: “I know you want to go swimming, but our Aunt made us these super awesome hats, and you WILL stand here and SMILE while she takes our picture!”

    Which, by the way, I absolutely love these hats!

  7. “when we get done with this I’m going to race you to the bribe, um mean cookies.”
    I can just imagine what fun you had on the beach with all the ages of people.

  8. “We look like superstas in these hats, stay heya (here)!”

  9. Smile, buddy. Otherwise we’ll make you wear the pink/purple one. Remember, you’re out numbered 4 to 1.

  10. “Hey bro, do you think we look “dorky”? I do!” By the way, I think they’re the cutest hats ever.

  11. ‘ou are my favorite wizard!

  12. you were right Aunt Marie is the crazy one in the family!!!

  13. “Smile or I squeeze harder”

  14. Guess what kind of bug is under my hand.

  15. “Just. Keep. Smiling. They’ve all gone mad… on the count of three…. RUN!!!!”
    Love those hats, still haven’t made myself one, but it’s on the list! toni xxx

  16. Your the best brother! You remind me of one of the “wizards” I have been watching. Nice and green with your hat !

  17. Stick with me, Bro. She’s old, she won’t last much longer and all this photography stuff will be over.

  18. She’s saying: “See, honey. I told you, you look good in anything!”

  19. Aunt Maria gave me $10 to get you to stand and model … I’m willing to go half-sies!

  20. Don’t worry, we do this and then get treats later…

    Or ..

    If you pose often enough you can tell the girls you are a model and date the cheerleaders

  21. She’s saying, “You look pretty silly!”

  22. She said, “Don’t move! There’s a wizard on your hat!”

  23. “It sounded to me like she said they’re called “and the money” hats, so maybe we’ll actually get paid for this gig!!”

    Love these, need to try one myself:)

  24. “You be Grandpa and I’ll be Grandma”.

  25. “Trust me. I know about these things. Chicks seriously dig guys in funny hats. You’re gonna have to fight them off with a stick.”

  26. She’s saying, “My hat’s gonna eat your hat!”

    I’m going to make up some of these to mail off to my coworker’s son who’s ship just went underway for 6 months. Tuesdays are funny hat day for them 🙂

  27. “Here’s the plan… As soon as Aunt Maria takes the picture we RUN. Then these sweet hats are OURS!”

  28. “I’ll distract her and you nab the camera. We don’t want our kids to see the ‘silly hat’ photo

  29. “You smile or I’ll take both hats!”

  30. “let’s catch ‘wizards’ and hide them in the silverware drawer!”

  31. “Don’t worry, I’ll protect you….and your hat!”

  32. looking to buy! how to buy?

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