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Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

Spinning Around!


I have lots of spinning to show you!  My brother was here a few weeks ago, and made it very clear that he thinks spinning your own yarn and knitting are highly unnecessary.  So…we added the phrase “making her own yarn” to about everything.  Stay tuned for some examples.

First off is the roving I showed you in the last post.  Isn’t it gorgeous?

It became this.

I’m a little disappointed in this one because it lost some of the vibrancy when it was spun.    However, I’ve started knitting it and I love the way it’s knitting up.  The roving was from my favorite crack supplier,  Woolgatherings on etsy.    It’s Blue Face Leicester.  I had 12 ounces and ended up with about 550 yards.

My house ended up pretty messy that night because The Genius and I were making our own yarn!

Then there’s this yummy stuff.  It started off as 3.25 ounces of 50% Cashgora and 50% silk.  It’s from Blue Moon Fiber Arts and the color is Pond Scum, which is Tina’s favorite color.  I ended up with 214 yards.

I went to bed way too late that night because I was making my own yarn.

This stuff is going to be great fun to knit, except that I’m too busy making my own yarn.  It’s from Zebsis Design and is a merino/silk blend.  I had 8 1/2 ounces and ended up with 550 yards.  It bled like crazy when I soaked it, but it made the colors richer, so I’m not unhappy with it!

The next yarn is from the Knot Hysteria retreat, which I attended because I wanted to get  better at making my own yarn.  It’s only about 95 yards, so I don’t have any idea what I’ll do with it, but I made my own yarn!  

And last but not least, my first finish of 2012!  I placed an order with Blue Moon Fiber Arts before Christmas, and my package arrived here on December 31st.  By New Years Day, I had this!  (Yes!  That means I spent New Years Eve making my own yarn!)

It’s 192 yards of aran weight Blue Face Leicester and Tussah Silk.  The colorway is Morticia.  It reads a little more black in real life.  I love it!!!

So The Genius and I spent a lot of her break making our own yarn.  She got a Lendrum spinning wheel for Christmas and is totally addicted.  She left yesterday to go back to college.  She has 10 weeks left, and then she’s officially an employable adult.

We had a great Christmas, in spite of the fact that there was no snow, and therefore no skiing and snowmobiling.  That was a bit disappointing.  There were still lots of memories made, just not the ones we’d planned.

This morning My Hero and some of the kids helped take down all the Christmas decorations.  I cleaned out the laundry room, and tomorrow I start over on laundry. I’m a bit behind on that chore because I was too busy making my own yarn.

The kids go back to school tomorrow and I might just knit some of the yarn I made!

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3 thoughts on “Spinning Around!

  1. Love it! Thanks for showing the fiber too, it helps me to understand a little of what it turns into as a new spinner myself. I am happy to say, my All My Love Bluebonnet Thimble wheel should be arriving today! You have given me some great inspiration. :^)

    • I love the fact that you have brothers who appreciate you making your own yarn. I have younger brothers too. You have a wonderful way with colors! I love the skein with the colors that bled, didn’t catch the colorway, but it is beautiful. You are a talented lady who can make her own yarn—reminds me of the little red hen. You go girl!!

  2. You tempt me again to try spinning. But I’ll have trouble in my twilight years just working thru my stash and indulging myself in my latest love–Shetland yarns. Dream on, Sigrun.

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