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Did You Know That Sheep Are Striped?


My lovely brothers were here again the end of last week.  Of course a discussion ensued about obtaining wool.  They were sure they’d see sheep in our back yard.  I assured them that I had no interest in that part of the process.  I like my wool to show up like this.

I already showed you these photos last week, but I think it’s so interesting to see the roving, then the yarn, and the way it knits up.  I mentioned I was disappointed that the yarn ended up so muted.

But this is how it’s knitting up.

I love it!  The pattern is Noro Bias Lace Scarf.  And yes, it’s a free pattern on ravelry!

See?  Proof that sheep are striped!

Ok, maybe all that cold medicine I took last week affected my brain!  Speaking of colds (how’s that for a great segue?) the kids went back to school last Tuesday, and I got the cold they’ve all been passing around since before Thanksgiving.  For the most part, I did nothing last week.  One day I did 10 loads of laundry in between laying on the couch.  So now it’s time to get busy.  Maybe the blog won’t be so boring either, but don’t count on that!

Here’s my first project this week.

See the beautiful morning sun lighting my sewing room?  Nope!  I don’t either.  It’s too messy.  I started cleaning out the cupboards last week, but I just didn’t have the energy.  So now it’s time!

I’ll be back soon with a photo of an immaculate (or at least presentable) sewing room.



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8 thoughts on “Did You Know That Sheep Are Striped?

  1. I love the progression photos. Fabulous. Thanks for the pattern. Will have to add that to my queue. And although muted, I love how that yarn turned out to make such a lovely scarf. Gotta love striped sheep!

  2. The colors in your scarf are beautiful! I love seeing how the fiber spins up, then knits up. I am still trying to figure out how different fibers will look when spun and knit. Great job!

  3. If and when you have time, I’d love to have you tell us how you achieved your yarn. Did you strip it lengthwise,,,,two or three ply…..Navajo ply? Did you combine all those braids? Strips of each braid? Randomly or in order? All the little details would be greatly appreciated.
    Hugs and Happy New Year.

  4. It always blows my mind- the difference between the color of roving and the finished project. I love the colors of the yarn, and NEVER would’ve thought it came from that roving! (My kids gave me a ‘cold’ for Christmas, too. Laid me out flat. I still haven’t forgiven them.)

  5. I have to comment on the scarf. The way it’s knitting up is gorgeous! A rainbow of color in the most graceful way. I don’t know how you did it but you are amazing!!!

  6. That scarf is beautiful. I’ve read through all your archives over the past few months and I’m up to date now. I love your blog. You’ve inspired me to learn how to use my sewing machine.

  7. You’ve been doing some beautiful spinning – and YES – I like my wool showing up just like yours!

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