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That Touch of Mink


Did you ever watch Doris Day in That Touch of Mink?  I did!  Actually, I watched Cary Grant.  Gorgeous!

Anyway, I knit a mink cowl a couple of weeks ago.  Before you start slinging red paint at me, let me just say that Prism Yarns custom dyes a novelty yarn that is absolute heaven…and is totally synthetic.  No little minks were harmed for this cowl!

You need a closer look.  Go ahead.  You can touch it!

I ordered the kit from Loops in Tulsa.  Aren’t the colors perfect?  It was a really fun knit, right until the end.  I was binding off the fun fur and dropped a stitch.  There was no way to see the stitch, so I frogged the whole top fur section and re-knit it.  I should have just let it go and anchored the stitch when it got to the wool.

We woke up this morning to lots of frost, which inspired me to weave in the ends of the Mink Cowl and get out there and take photos.  Here are a couple more shots.

Since we can’t seem to get any snow, this will have to do.

And yes, there are still Christmas lights on our tree outside.  Thank you for asking!!!

Here is the only willing model I could find on a Saturday morning.



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2 thoughts on “That Touch of Mink

  1. Ohhhh, so cute! I really love your cowl “Touch of Mink” is so lovely and I also like the “touch of snow/frost” … both very beautiful!!!


  2. LOL, so who or what was gorgeous about the movie? Doris or Cary? Anyway your sweet cowl looks like it might belong in a Cary Grant movie. Sophisticated… and it’s clear the model adores it.

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