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The Mini Skeins Are Here!

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I have Mini Skeins!!!  This is the first batch that I’ve gotten back.  This swap was called “Shiny Happy People”.  All of the yarns have glitz in them.

I signed up for two spots in this swap, so I’d get twice as many mini skeins.  What didn’t register with me because I’m such a moron sometimes is that I’d get two of every skein instead of 40 different skeins.  Pretty logical, now that I think about it for two seconds!

Gotta go!  I need to work on my blanket.

By the way, I’m taking my mom’s suggestion for once  and calling it Wild Thang.  It really does look like stained glass.  I think that every time I look at it, but it needs to have a goofy name.  Besides, I love that song!!!


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One thought on “The Mini Skeins Are Here!

  1. Actually, I think it’s better that you are getting two skeins of each color- especially since you have such a wild variety of colors. I think the random color thing can be taken too far. Some of those mini skein/sock yarn scraps blankets just look like a big mess to me. I think the black rows will unify your blanket and the fact that there will be TWO stripes of each color will pull the whole thing together nicely and make it look more “on purpose” and less “I raided my sock yarn scraps”. I love the pattern you chose.

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