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Hair Club for Knitters


This photo of My Hero was taken many years ago when we were on vacation.  I don’t know if it’s the wrinkles between his eyebrows or the coffee cup, but I’ve always loved this picture!

Anyway, the point is that My Hero needs insulation for the top of his head!!!  So, because I’m such a good wife, I knit him a new hat.

My Hero now knows what it’s like to have nice thick curly hair.  And yes, we are middle aged.  So observant of you to notice!

I know.  Even the dog isn’t too sure what to think about the new look.

Too bad it’s supposed to be 60 degrees in the next week.  It’s Minnesota.  He’ll need it the week after that!


Author: mariajhmom

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10 thoughts on “Hair Club for Knitters

  1. Somehow, he looks even MORE handsome!

  2. That hat looks good on everyone I’ve seen it on. Great job!!

  3. These are great pictures. The dog is so funny. Hat even funnier.

  4. Awwww, your dog looks very concerned!

  5. The hat looks great on him! Hey, if the kids can wear earflap hats all year long, why can’t us older folk wear this one? Looking forward to that 60 degree temp this weekend!! (actually here up north it’s supposed to be mid 50’s……we’ll take it!!) Btw, love that coffee mug; wish I had that when my kids were all at home….kind of says it all!! Have a great weekend!

  6. Great looking husband – with or without the hat! I love the look in your dog’s eyes – priceless.
    I wish I’d known about that pattern last year when I was going through chemo and needed new hair of my own – I think it would have been quite the hit with the nurses!

  7. Wow. Your hero is also a hottie. haha I agree with the first commenter that he has only improved with age- even in that silly hat. My husband wouldn’t be caught DEAD in that hat, but my son has been coveting one since he saw the first one you blogged about.

  8. Oh my goodness! That last pic had me laughing out loud!! I made one of these in Broncos orange & blue for a coworker’s son who is in the Navy. He said it keeps him warm when he sleeps and all the other guys like to pat his head when he wears it for crazy-hat Thursdays 🙂

  9. i love that hat it is fantastic…yes we all couldn’t live with out our hero’s…

  10. Haha! I love that hat! (and yes, I’m a little behind on blog reading, lol)

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