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Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

Same Old Stuff!


I’m the most boring person in the world lately.  And I’m perfectly content with that.

I purchased this merino/yak roving

from Woolgatherings and it became this!

280 yards of 2 ply.  I love it, but have no idea what it will be when it grows up!

I knit a shawl.  Twisted in Portland started a shawl club, and the first installment was a skein of Blue Moon Fiber Arts Seduction and a shawl by Debbi Stone.  This is Springtide.

I knit this in 4 days, due to lots of traveling.  The Genius graduated from college (Yay!!!!!), so we made a very quick trip to see her, which led to lots of knitting time en route.  The only change I made was to do the body in stockinette instead of garter stitch.  I’ve probably commented before that I almost always hate garter stitch.  Occasionally there will be a pattern that it works for, but in my opinion, that’s rare.  Since I’m the knitting boss at my house, I can do stockinette stitch whenever I please.

And I don’t get to be the boss of much around here!!!

I’ve also been making more mini skeins.

If you don’t get the whole mini thing, don’t worry.  The rest of my family doesn’t either.  I do have a new excuse for trading them, because I bought a lamp at Target that I can fill with minis.

Won’t that be the cutest thing ever?  Ok, fine.  I’ll take photos when it’s a done deal.  You’ll see!  Oh, and there’s another glass lamp there that I think I need.

Also, if you buy one Home Dec item at Target, you’ll get the second item 50% off.  And the offer is good through Saturday.  (Nope, I’m not being paid to tell you that.  I just bought a really cute lamp and the shade was 1/2 off and I felt the urge to enable  share this with you!)

Tomorrow my aunt and sister are coming over for a quilt day.  Except I don’t think it will be a quilt day for me.  I’m not in the mood.  I have some gorgeous blue roving that I’m spinning right now, so that will probably be my project for the day.  That, and making more mini skeins.

See!  I told you I’m boring.


Author: mariajhmom

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12 thoughts on “Same Old Stuff!

  1. I’m with you on the garter stitch. I just don’t like the way it looks.

  2. Maria- I don’t think you’re boring at all.

    Sounds exciting to me.

  3. Wow! I want to be boring at your house! Love all those mini threads!

  4. Boring?! Ha! I wish I was that boring — I’d get a lot more done! Your mini skeins are gorgeous; are you really putting them in the lamp base? I think that would sooo cute; can’t wait to see it. Love your yarn and shawl. I can see why you want to keep at the wheel. Have a great weekend!

  5. Love the yarn you spun…beautiful. My mom kept all the little pieces after weaving in ends of an afghan (crocheted granny squares) in nasturium (sp) colors. She kept them in a clear glass vase/jar for a while. They were just so pretty. I think your lamp idea will look pretty cool.

  6. I HATE garter stitch, glad to hear someone else does.

  7. Okay, Maria, here is a quilting challenge for you: A Yurt!

    It would not let me insert the URL, so I put it as my website with my name…sorry.

  8. sigh…that did not work, either, guess I will send you an email, the old fashioned way…

    ; )

  9. Miss you, Maria! Praying that everything is ok with you and your family.

  10. It’s been a long, long time since you have posted. Hope everything is ok and you are just busy.

  11. I miss reading your interesting posts Maria. I’m pruing that everything is ok with you and your family?

  12. opps, I’m praying!

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