Passing Down Crazy

Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

Fly By Post


I’m starting to get emails wondering if we’re ok.  We’re great!!!  And very busy!  So hang on.  Here’s a fly by update of the last month.

1.  March ended with a mini vacation with myself and the two oldest girls.  When The Genius turned 16, we did a trip to Door County in Wisconsin.  So now that SuperBlonde is 18, we decided to do her 16th birthday trip.  Yeah, I’m aware that we’re a bit late!  So we spent a few days at a spa.  It was a blast!  We laughed, slept, read, knit, ate, and slept some more.  I didn’t take one picture.

2.  After a few days of just the three of us, we were joined by the rest of the family and my sister, her husband, and kids.  We had lots of fun.

We spent 5 days at The Wisconsin Dells.  Having older kids makes vacationing so much easier.  They ended their days at the water parks, when it was less busy.  The highlight of the trip was the Bigfoot Zipline.  It’s a whole course of 6 ziplines and is great for all ages!  Here’s Frankie in action!  He spent most of his time on the course upside down.

3.  After we got home from our vacation, a bunch of us got nasty colds, so I got almost nothing done for over a week.

4.  There’s been knitting going on, of course.

5.  A little spinning has happened between all the other stuff!

6.  Someone is now a year older.  Yes, that would be me!

There’s a pretty cool story behind my bouquet of roses.  I got a dozen roses, but the one you see right in the middle is a silk flower.  My Hero told me he’d love me until the last petal fell off the last rose.  I’m pretty sure that’s the best birthday present ever!

7.  And of course there’s been sleeping; some of us more than others!

So…that’s the last month in seven points.  I’d give you a list of what’s coming up, but that would probably cause me to want to sit in a corner and cry!  It’s all good but it’s going to be crazy.  I’ll try to be a better blogger, so you know what’s up!  Blogging is good for me too, because it helps me look at my life through a different filter and it reminds me how very blessed I am!

And now it’s time to get the next load of laundry going, figure out dinner, and finish a quilt that’s been on the longarm for over a month.



Author: mariajhmom

I'm a wife, mom, quilter, knitter, and spinner. I blog at

4 thoughts on “Fly By Post

  1. Happy to hear all is well but busy. That hero of yours really is one!
    Oh, and the knitting example above is gorgeous – can’t wait to see what it is.

  2. I’m so happy you and your family are well. I did miss your updates. Happy belated birthday!!!

  3. Hello, I am glad you are ok, just living life. A belated Happy Birthday to you! What is the pattern of the scarf and is that some of your spinning? Ruth Ann

  4. Welcome back. I’ve missed you but glad you’re ok!

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