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Yarnover and Other Mischief


Wow!  What a great five days. Where do I start?  Maybe at the beginning, huh?

I drove to Minneapolis last Friday to attend Yarnover, the yearly shindig put on by the Minnesota Knitters Guild.  It was an all day Saturday event with classes and lots of vendors.

I took two classes.  My morning class was with the fabulous Mary Scott Huff.  It was called Eeek!  Steek!  We made swatches ahead of time and learned three different methods of steeking.  It was really easy and Mary makes everything fun.

My afternoon class was with Chris Bylsma.  She’s a classy lady, and also very entertaining.    The class was Knit Weaving.  Again, we had swatches with us.  You intentionally drop a stitch and weave yarns in to look like weaving.  Here is a photo from her website showing some pillows she showed us.

There were a lot of great vendors at the show as well.  I made a few purchases.  Orange seemed to be my color of choice this weekend.

On Sunday morning, I teamed up with Mary Scott Huff and we got to visit with Anne Hanson and Romi a bit.  It was quite inspiring to have the two most innovative shawl designers at one table.  That was fun!

And now for the rest of the weekend!  I met Mary Scott Huff a couple of years ago at Sock Camp.  Not only do we share the same birthday, we share the same warped sense of humor.  Here’s a photo of us from a couple of years ago, since I forgot to take any this weekend!

We started our Sunday jaunt with a visit to Steven Be.   What can I say but Wow!!!

We shopped, visited, ate a fabulous lunch, and shopped some more.  We also visited with Sivia Harding, another beautiful lady we met at Sock Camp two years ago.  (I really want Sivia to live in my guest room.  Love that lady!)  Steven Be wasn’t just a yarn shop.  It was an experience.

After a drive around Lake Calhoun, we made a stop at Needlework Unlimited.   This is my  “go to” yarn shop when I need a yarn fix.  I can always get sweater quantities of yarn there.  This time my purchase was yarn for a baby sweater for Heather.  Since she reads my blog, I’ll just tell you its knit on size 1 needles.  Yes, Heather, you read that right!!!  It will also include steeks.  I was with the most fabulous colorwork and steeking teacher in the world, after all!!!

We checked into our hotel after our shopping and proceeded to knit!   I obsessively cast on  205 stitches on size 0, yes that’s size zero needles!!!  This is going to be one fabulous baby sweater.

Our only other outing for the day was to Don Pablos.  Who doesn’t love mexican food?  Obviously, Mary does!  Or maybe she just loves mexican beverages.

She looks pretty tough there, but I think she drank about half of that margarita.  We can’t have our knitting impeded!

Monday and Tuesday were spent knitting and doing needlepoint (Mary, not I!).  We did a little tour of the Mall of America so Mary could say she’d been there.  And there was more good food involved.

It’s so inspiring to hang out with someone who loves the same things you do.  I have so many great ideas of things I want to knit.  And I think Mary has more good ideas as well.  (There may have been some brainstorming for a fall knit along, but I didn’t tell you that!)

Mary gave me a fabulous, one of a kind, skein of yarn for my birthday.

It’s just an iPhone photo, but you get the idea!  This is a skein of Socks That Rock called Quite Contrary, and it’s a one of a kind, dyed just for Mary by Tina.  If you love the color, maybe you could bug Tina at Blue Moon Fiber Arts, and she’d add it to her color lineup!

So, that was my five days of fiber heaven.

And now it’s back to reality.  The first thing on my list is to cover my gray hair!



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3 thoughts on “Yarnover and Other Mischief

  1. Wow! Sounds like you have a great time at Yarnover!! Size Zero huh . . and Steeks? Sounds like you are either crazy or making something really special! It makes me feel a little guilty for the simple things I am making for Joey Jr. I might have to up my game!

  2. So bummed I didn’t see you. I was there from 11:30 – 1:30…

  3. What I wouldn’t have given to have joined the two of you- I adore Mary! Great pic of the two of you. I can only imagine the things you learned on that trip!

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