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Creating More Yarn

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Yes, the spinning continues.  I am aware that I’m making more yarn and knitting less.  Oh, well.

This is what kept me busy in April.

This is the first time I’ve spun singles and didn’t ply them.  I was always afraid the yarn would just fall apart.  It didn’t!

It’s also the first batt I’ve spun.  I’m not sure what I think of it.  This yarn has some glitz in it but it’s not showing up very well.

This is 382 yards of Dragonfly Fibers silk and camel.  I’m loving this one!

Right now I’m spinning another batt that my mom bought for me at DFW Fiberfest.  It may be the prettiest stuff I’ve ever spun.  More on that soon.

Most of my knitting time has been spent on the secret baby sweater.  I’m terrible at keeping secrets, and the mom of that baby was here today.  I wanted to show her so badly, but I didn’t!

The bulk of my time has been cleaning and sorting stuff.  I know.  Yuck!  I’m at the stage where it’s just messy everywhere because I haven’t finished anything.  I need to keep at it because the next month is nuts!

First of all, we have a major trip coming up on Saturday. The Genius got a job and is moving.  Like 2,400 miles.  Yikes!  More on that soon.

The next week, Superblonde is graduating from high school.  Of course there is partying involved.

Then we have a brief lull before we head to Texas for my niece’s wedding.

I think I’ll go sit in a corner and knit the baby sweater.


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One thought on “Creating More Yarn

  1. The yarn is beautiful. I especially like the yarn in the second photo.

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