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Teeny Tiny Knitting


Way back in April, I announced that I was doing a secret project for a baby that was due in June.  I finally get to blog it.

Introducing Fana by Dale of Norway.

The yarn is Dale of Norway Baby Ull.  I love this yarn!!!  It was knit on size 1 needles.  Yes, you read that right.  Size ONE!  And it was a blast to knit.

Both the body and both sleeves were knit in the round and steeked.  The photo above is the sleeves.  Here’s a shot of the sewing before I started cutting.

I’ve become a big advocate of steeking.  Once you’ve done it once, you can see all sorts of places that it would be easy to use!

And….since many people want to know what the inside of a stranded garment looks like, this one’s for you!

I finished the sweater a couple months ago, but of course I waited til the night before the shower to learn how to do the looped buttonholes.  I started at the bottom and by the time I got to the top loop, they were looking pretty good.

Special thanks goes out to my friend Mary Scott Huff for all of her advice!  My stranded, steeking, and finishing skills improved greatly with this project because of her help!

Also, if you’d like to see photos of the darling little boy that will be wearing this sweater, take a look at Heather’s blog.  He’s a precious baby and his parents waited a long time for him.  It was so much fun knitting something special for a sweet baby and a mom who is a fabulous knitter and an all around great person.  (Her husband isn’t too shabby either!)

And now it’s back to my “to do” list.  Writing a blog post was on the list so I get to cross one thing off!!!



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12 thoughts on “Teeny Tiny Knitting

  1. FABULOUS! And the color combo is so Maria…LOVELOVELOVE!

  2. It’s a fantastic sweater! I’ve never seen a prettier inside of a stranded garment – it looks so perfect!

  3. Wow! Looks great! I know that will be one to cherish!

  4. Did you knit both sleeves as one big tube and then use steeks to separate them?

  5. Beautiful sweater!

  6. I really like the idea of knitting both sleeves together and steeking them! Bet it went a lot faster! Brilliant idea! I really enjoy Dale of Norway patterns. Lovely job on the finishing!

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