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I Need Advice


So….I’ve been getting myself into lots of mischief the last few weeks.

I just got home last night from visiting The Genius in California.  Now that her job is not just an internship, it was time to get rid of the nasty rented furniture.  A vinyl couch and no air conditioning do not mix well!

Lets just say we had a blast shopping!  We found a bed, dresser, and nightstand for her bedroom.  For the main room, a couch and chairs were ordered.  (She’d already picked out a dining table and chairs.)  Now she gets to start the fun part…..the additional bits and pieces that make it home.

On the home front, I’ve been doing some decorating as well. It was time to update and replace some “early marriage” furniture.  So My Hero and I did some shopping and we’re getting a new dining room set.  You should see what I did to the old dining room table!

I absolutely love it.  Dreamboy likes it.  My Hero is slowly warming to the idea.  In my defense, it’s not staying where it is, obviously!  It’s going in the basement where the kids hang out, and where we have quilt retreats.

There are two bits of advice I need.

  • What color should I paint the chairs?  The choices are lime green or black.
  • Can anyone find me some fabric to put on the chairs?  I’m striking out.

And look what I found to put on the table.  Yes, I actually already had this stuff.  I just had to dust it off!  I’ve always loved bright colors.

I also need to get the hutch painted before it gets too cold.  It’s going in my guest room.  I think I’m painting it a pale gray green, and then I’ll put a dark and a gold glaze in all the cracks.

And yet another example that I’m crazy….this is the first thing I’ve ever painted in my life.  Nothing like practicing on something small!

Go big or go home!




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15 thoughts on “I Need Advice

  1. paint the chairs black and cover the seats in a lime and black fabric….. is there something in ty pennington’s first fabric line that might work?

  2. Hello! How about a black and white graphic design…or you could make the black and white chevron …yep, am liking the black and white chevron slip cover on the back of the chairs and some chevron cushions. off to see I see any black and white fabric…should be geometric shapes! What do you think about that?

  3. here is a couple….

    I will wait to see if you are into these type prints… I was looking for black and green, but what you could do is using black and green (to match your table legs) make the chevron pattern yourself ( 1/2 square triangles). I would paint the chairs the same way you painted the table….black and green combo!

    Nothing is Impossible … Pam


  4. I was thinking some black some green….there’s no rule that says they all need to be the same!

  5. I would paint the chairs black with the inner and bottom spindles lime green. I love the idea of a graphic black and white for the seat covers!

  6. I think black with the fabric picking up the lime green!!

  7. Black chairs, fabris black grey and white fabric geometric pattern. You have no problems being brave so you could always repaint if you don’t like it.

  8. Both lime green and black (paint chairs). Either alternate, one chair lime, one black, or paint different parts different colors; some have lime seats, some black, some cross supports painted lime, some black.

  9. I like the idea of painting the chairs green. Although I do think (as the others suggest) that the chairs would look great painted black, I think it would be easier to find a black fabric than to find the perfect shade of green fabric. If you paint the chairs green then you can cover the seats with black fabric, which there are more choices in. If you chance onto a fabric with that green IN THE PATTERN, all the merrier but I think black fabric/green chairs would be wonderful.

  10. Black on the chairs, and a nice bold black/grey print on the seats (not much different than what’s already on them. The chair design has so much going on, I think highlighting them (with green paint or fabric) will take away from the table and accessories. You can go wild with tablerunners, etc. Plus the chairs will be much easier to use other places if they blend in a bit.

  11. I’d paint the chairs green then get a newsprint type fabric for the seats, also like the idea of the black and white chevron fabric. Be bold you can always repaint lol !

  12. I’m with Kelly O – black chairs and a lime green and black print for the seats. Great fun!

  13. Love it, love it, love it!! What a great idea! Hope you find the fabric for chair covers. JoAnn’s maybe? Can’t wait to see the hutch.

  14. I vote for black chairs with a lime green fabric also. A print would be good, then you wouldn’t need an exact match.

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