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Lots of Verbs Around Here


Remember those old English classes?  Verbs are action words.  There has been lots of action around here!

Painting, quilting, knitting, baking, laughing, camping,  decorating, and not nearly enough sleeping.  It just seems like its always sheer chaos around here.  It’s been happy chaos, but I’m tired!

We replaced the carpet in the main part of our house this week.  Our house is really open, so that meant moving lots of furniture!  It’s done though and looks great.

I almost finished a shawl in September and then forgot about it.  I found it in a bag a few weeks ago and finish the bind off.  After a good blocking, here it is!

This is Sonnenblume.  I’m in a club by Anne Hanson of Knitspot.  This was the August pattern.  It came with green yarn, but I was feeling rebellious, so I substituted.  This is a Handmaiden yarn, but I don’t remember which one.   I added a few beads as well.

This shawl has a very interesting shape.

My favorite part is the detail around the neck.

There has been some cooking and baking going on.  Superblonde is home from college this week, so I need to feed the girl!  It’s so very loud around here when she’s home.  She’s either noisy or sleeping.  There is no in between.

I’ve also been doing a little bit of quilting.  I was in the mood to make a mini quilt, so I did this one for my sister.

Don’t let anyone tell you that mini quilts are faster.  I spent an entire day on this.  I kind of winged it on the embroidery.  My embroidery skills could use some refining.

I’m working on the fabric for the covers for my dining room chairs.  Thank you to everyone who left advice!!!  All your ideas gave me so many things to think about.  One person gave me a couple of links to fabrics.  I realized that I owned one of those fabrics and it was perfect.  The fabric is now on the quilt machine.  I’m just putting a really thin batting in it to give it some strength.  More on that when I ever finish the project!

Yesterday my slave driver sister made me start working on the hutch.  It needs to be painted in the garage, so I need to get it done because it’s very quickly getting cold here in Marvelous Minnesota.  Everything is primed and the color is chosen.  I cannot wait to finish this project and show you the before and after.  I’m loving it!

And now I need to go finish putting my house back together after the great recarpeting adventure.  I need to get this house in order because I’m leaving on Sunday.  I’m heading to SOAR, which is a spinning retreat.  Yes, I’m suffering in Lake Tahoe for a week.  Hopefully even with all my classes, I’ll have some time for that “sleeping” verb!



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5 thoughts on “Lots of Verbs Around Here

  1. I love your mini-quilt you made–I know how much time it takes to use the Lil’ Twister ruler for the charms and layer cakes, I can’t imagine the time & tediousness (if that’s a word) it takes for the mini one!! I can’t wait to see the chairs and hutch finished!!

    • The little twist ruler is only an inch (or maybe 1 1/4). I made it using one of the 2 inch candy packs. Very cute, but I probably won’t do it again! Maria

      > Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2012 17:31:03 +0000 > To: >

  2. Have a magnificent time at SOAR! I went two years ago and it was fantastic.
    Barb G on Gunflint Lake

  3. Oh, I love the little twister quilt! Your embroidery is beautiful. Such a special gift that will be treasured. You have inspired me to try the twister!

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