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Let It Snow, Baby!!!


Last night, we decided we’d better grill some good steaks before the snow started.  The Weather Channel was forecasting 2-4 inches, and our local weathermen were forecasting 5-9 inches.  So, we had dinner, and then it was quilting time.  At 1 AM, my quilt top was finished.

I just love the borders on this quilt!

Unfortunately, I had to rotate the photo 180 degrees, because I put this border on upside down.  And I’d already fixed one border for the same reason.  You’re only stupid if you do it twice!!!

Here’s what it looked like outside when I went to bed.  Somehow the Christmas tree reflected in the window and it looks like it’s outside.

And here it is 12 hours later.

And its still snowing!!!

Does that look like 2-4 inches to you?  Add a one to that number.  We’re at about 14 inches now.

It’s really nice to have “staff” to take care of the snow!  Dreamboy and Frankie did all the shoveling and My Hero has been working on the driveway with a skid loader for an hour…and he’s not done….and it’s still snowing.

And just because this post doesn’t have much color, I roasted some beets last night, and I actually remembered to take a photo.  I can’t believe I didn’t discover beets before!  I love them in salads, with goat cheese!
I love the brilliant burgundy red and the gorgeous gold of these beets!

And now I’d better go fix the “backsway” border.  That’s a quote from Miss In Charge when she was little.

And yes, it’s still snowing!!!


Author: mariajhmom

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5 thoughts on “Let It Snow, Baby!!!

  1. Lucky you, getting snow. We could really use the moisture.

  2. 8″ here — waiting for the wind, it’s so heavy it probably won’t blow. the cleanup will end with the may melting!

  3. Your pictures of the snow are beautiful…especially if you don’t have to go out in it!

  4. I officially have Minnesota envy 🙂 🙂 🙂 “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” … at least in Minnesota! Happy Holidays!

  5. Some people use beet juice as dye! And I can’t believe you like it with cheese!

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