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A Sad Tale


Last week I introduced you to the newest member of the family.  Fitzgerald, the prickly hedgehog was quite an addition.  It took until Friday, but Fitz decided he liked his new owner and would walk right into his hand and hang out.  This is how I saw them on Saturday morning.

On Sunday morning, I went in to wake Frankie to get ready for church.  We chatted for a minute, and then checked on the hedgehog.  Sometime during the night, the hedgie had gotten his head stuck between the bars of his cage and died.  Needless to say, Frankie was heartbroken, as were his dad and I.  (And yes, we’d purchased the cage recommended by the breeder.)

After a few hours, Frankie and I were hanging out on my bed, looking at hedgehog stuff.  I suddenly remembered that I had a hedgehog knitting pattern.  Frankie pulled out the two big binders of patterns and we started looking.  He found it!

Six hours of knitting, and lots of agitating to felt him, and we had a temporary hedgehog.  We stuffed him with grocery bags to dry him.  Today I went to JoAnn Fabrics and bought eyes and a nose.  (I need to find better eyes!)  This is what we ended up with.

This is Huggable Hedgehog from Fiber Trends.  Frankie told me on Sunday night that he was going to take him to school as soon as he was dry.  This is what he said he’s going to tell his class, “My mom knit me a hedgehog to try to make me smile.  It worked.”

Awwwwww…..that made all that knitting worth it in one second!!!  This mom just wanted to mend a broken heart!

We’ll be getting a new hedgehog in early February.  Needless to say, the cage will have some modifications done to it before then.


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3 thoughts on “A Sad Tale

  1. oh I’m so sorry to hear about Frankie’s hedgehog. What a shame that the breeder didn’t have good sense. Your knitted hedgehog is so cute and I’m sure Frankie is happy to have him to cuddle up to until you adopt another. What a wonderful idea you had. Wishing you all the best.

  2. So sorry to hear about the hedgehog. They are such cute little critters. The hedgehog you made is so cute!! You are such a great Mom to have done that for him! You better look out, you may be getting lots of requests from other people now for a stuffed hedgehog or other little animals.

  3. So Sorry to hear about the hedgehog. As parents we just want to mend the broken hearts of our families. Your knitting skills are wonderful. I sure love the little friend you knitted for Frankie. Do you suggest any starter books for knitting. It is on my list to learn…and this is the year! I admire your skills and enjoy your posts! Thanks

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