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An Unusual Quilting Project


About 10 days ago, I showed you this photo.

After a bout with the flu, I finally got everything cut out.  Then last Thursday, Friday, and Saturday it was quilt retreat time!  We take over the board room in My Hero’s office and sew to our hearts content.  This is what I finished.

Here’s what the pattern looks like.

If you’ve followed this blog for any length of time at all, you’ll know that an Amish quilt is not something I’d normally make.  This pattern is called Amish With A Twist. 2 by Nancy Rink.  Most places are selling it as a block of the month.  I purchased the whole kit from Hancock’s of Paducah.  (According to their website, it’s out of stock right now.)  I’m not sure what appealed to me about this quilt, and I have no idea what I’m going to do with it.  I just wanted to make it.

A retreat is a perfect way to get a lot done in a concentrated amount of time.  My sister is working on a quilt for one of her daughters.  My mother in law made an entire quilt!

One person that had a little harder time getting her project done was Heather.  She had some “help” that slowed her down.  I don’t think she minded much, because her little helper is really cute!

This is Heather of Anka’s Treasures and her son Carter.  His daddy came to get him a little later, and then Heather kicked it into high gear.  I could gloat and tell you I know what’s going to be in her next book, but I’m nicer than that!  You could skip over to her blog and check out her next line of fabric though!

And now it’s time to get some sleep.  If you’re looking for me tomorrow, I’ll be in my clean sewing room, working on my Amish quilt.

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7 thoughts on “An Unusual Quilting Project

  1. Looks like a great quilt. Funny I have a quilt, purposefully pink which I started at a class and I really like how it is turning out. Trouble with this was, I do not like pink! Luckily I have a pink-crazy friend who will happily receive it when it is done. Funny how we start things just for fun or to learn a technique and then they get a life of their own.

    Enjoy the Amish quilt and the company.

  2. If you don’t know what to do with the quilt,I have a spot for it!!!!
    I’m a knitter not a sower but WOW, WOW

  3. You make me itch to quilt again! I’m sticking with all my knitting and spinning tho.

    I love the Amish pattern, it’s absolutely beautiful. If you can’t find something to do with the finished quilt, you could send it my way! ;o) It’s going to be beautiful!!!

  4. Wow! That is an amazing quilt you are working on. It looks like it would add to grey hairs I already have! I cannot wait to see the completed project. I tend to shy away from the Amish quilts myself, and I also have not tried to do a quilt with all solids. I think it is so awesome that you get to see the previews of what Heather is working on. I love everything she has come out with–patterns & fabric lines! Happy Sewing!!

  5. An Amish quilt?! Ooooo. Well, how about a raffle with a $ donation for a charity, right here on your blog? I’ll bet you get tons of participants. I think your blocks are beautiful; can’t wait to see it completed!

  6. Wow! Just gorgeous. I bet we can all help you figure out just what to do with that quilt!

  7. I know this is super late but I’m also doing Amish w a Twist 2. Do you know of any online groups or anything that quilters making this magnificent quilt talk? Thanks’Amie 🙂

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