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Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

Playing Nurse Today


Well, it’s 10 AM and I’ve already hauled Dreamboy to the Surgery center and home.  He broke his nose in basketball a couple weeks ago, and had surgery this morning to reset it.  He’s hanging out on one couch watching ESPN and napping.  He liked the warm blankets at the surgery center so much that I threw a plush blanket in the dryer for him when we got home.

He doesn’t look too bad, does he?  He did ask me the same questions about four times in the first hour!

My Hero is on another couch.  He looks worse than the kid that had the surgery.  He caught that nasty influenza and has been sick since Sunday.  Sorry!  No photo of him!

When I get breaks from my nursing job, I’m going to be spinning.  I started a huge spinning project.

This may well be the most gorgeous fiber I’ve ever spun.  Last year All Spun Up started dying this 50% merino 50% silk fiber called Millefiore.  I snagged two braids one of the first times she offered it.  Then she put up an Etsy listing that was open ended.  She got absolutely bombarded!!!  It took her months to dig out from the mountain of orders.  I got four more braids from this listing.  That means I have 24 ounces of fiber.  I’ve only ever spun 12 ounces of the same fiber once.  Needless to say, this is going to take me a while!  I can’t imagine getting sick of it though because of all the color variation.

This is an iPhone photo and it doesn’t even come close to showing how gorgeous this is.  I’m spinning it pretty thin and it’s going to be a three ply.  I’m hoping for enough for a sweater, or at the very least, a vest.

Don’t you want to stick your fingers in this???  I’ll dig out my big camera one of these days and take some better photos.  It’s amazing stuff!

I’m off to do rounds.  Gotta take care of my guys!  They are both model patients, so they make it easy!



Author: mariajhmom

I'm a wife, mom, quilter, knitter, and spinner. I blog at

3 thoughts on “Playing Nurse Today

  1. The pictures you have posted of your roving are making me want to spin myself. I am working on a BRIGHT braid of generic wool and mohair, and I am trying to spin a fine yarn that I can ply and still use to weave on my rigid heddle loom. (Or I may knit socks with it.) I have a Schacht Cricket loom, and I can’t recommend these little RH looms enough. They aren’t super-expensive, they don’t hog up allot of room to use or store, and warping them is simple and fast. It is amazing to see your own handspun yarn evolve into fabric. And since you also sew, you would be able to use that fabric to make more than scarves—think little bags, zipper pouches, etc. I hope your guys mend quickly and you are relieved of your nursing duties soon—

  2. Omg!! I want to grab it all up, rub my fingers through it and rub it all over my face! These colors are Gorgeous!! I think you will have enough for a vest. I would love to see it when it’s finished. So sorry about your guys. Hope they’re both welll very soon. Have a great weekend…..with a lot of spinning maybe?

  3. I have two bumps of the Millifiore. I can’t wait to see how you spin it up! You know All Spun Up is maybe 10 miles from Woolgatherings? We make good roving out here in WA! =)

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