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Fabulous Friday Finish (Finally!)


I finally finished my Twig and Leaf Shawl.

Isn’t she a beauty?  First the details!  The yarn is knitspot Bare Naked Wools Breakfast Blend fingering in oatmeal.  This is a new yarn, produced for Anne and being sold only by her.  It’s a wool, alpaca, nylon blend.  It’s very lightweight and very warm.  It also comes in several natural colors, with more colors to come.  I used two skeins of fingering.

I made the medium size on the pattern, and I should have made the small.  First of all, it’s about 8 feet long.  Here it is while it was blocking!

The strange shape is my fault.  First of all, I knit the second half in stockinette, instead of garter stitch.  That’s not what made the shape a little strange though.  The stockinette portion is done with short rows, increasing 3 stitches each row.  As I got a ways into it, it was clear that I was never going to have enough yarn to finish, so I started increasing by 5 stitches a row, then eventually 9 stitches, and finally 13 stitches.  Take my advice, knit the small!!!

I love knitting patterns using totally different yarn than what was intended.  This pattern was written for lace weight, but as you can see, is gorgeous in a heavier yarn.  I used size 6 and 4 needles to compensate for the thicker yarn.

To be honest, I had totally intended to knit this, blog it, and then secretly dye it so I wouldn’t insult Anne.  If you’ve read my blog at all, you know that I’m all about color.  There’s no way I’m going to dye this!!!  It’s just plain classy.  You did notice that I put burnt orange under it though!  I just had to.

So, thank you Anne for another gorgeous pattern and some equally fabulous yarn.

I’ll be back soon with my Millefiori handspun and I’ll show you what the yarn decided it wanted to be.

Just look at that stitch definition!!!



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10 thoughts on “Fabulous Friday Finish (Finally!)

  1. Oh, that’s just SO beautiful! I don’t knit myself (too many cats for it), but love seeing what you make. It looks like it would take forever and a day to make though. I would have to wear it everywhere!

  2. It’s absolutely gorgeous!! Avis x

  3. This is STUNNING! I just ardour it.

  4. oh it’s wonderful; thank you for such a glowing review of our yarn. i do think that color will look awesome on you!

  5. Love it. The colour is great. What ever you wear with it, it will go. Beautiful work.

  6. Gorgeous!! And I have that pattern and … hmmm some breakfast blend in burnt toast on the way to me.

  7. Love the look of the stocking stitch – does make it elegant. Wear it in the best of health and happiness.

  8. That is absolutely beautiful. I made the same pattern using the silk from BNK2012. I haven’t blocked mine yet, but your shawl shows the best stitch definition of any I’ve seen. This yarn is now on my list.

  9. that is beautiful, I’ll have to check out the pattern.

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