Passing Down Crazy

Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

Productive Monday Morning!


I finished a monster skein of yarn this morning!

It’s 440 yard, navajo plied from 8 ounces of polwarth, silk, and sparkle from Woolgatherings.

I started spinning this roving on Friday because I got a new toy!

This is a Hansen mini spinner.  Yes, it’s electric.  Yes, it’s still a spinner.  Did a sewing machine cease being a sewing machine when it was no longer operated with a treadle?  Will I quit spinning on my regular spinning wheels?  Not a chance!!!!!

I think My Hero was a little annoyed with me because I bought it last week when I have a milestone birthday coming up.  (It rhymes with nifty!!!)  It was driving me nuts to have a bunch of money burning a hole in my paypal account from selling yarn.  Also, I had Christmas money!  Thanks, Nana!!!!!

Anyway, this thing has a huge bobbin!  It will hold 11 ounces of singles.  This is 8 ounces of three ply and the bobbin isn’t full!

This yarn isn’t perfect, because I’m learning a new process, but it’s a good start!  I’m happy.  It hasn’t had its bath yet, so that’s next.

Superblonde headed back to college this morning.  She was supposed to go back yesterday but there was lots of snow between here and Oklahoma.  She was thrilled to have one more day at home.  Dreamboy is in Mississippi on a missions trip for school.  About 30 people headed down there to do some construction, painting, and anything else a local pastor lines up for them.  That just leaves Miss In Charge and Frankie around this week.  Pretty quiet!

Stay tuned!  I have a HUGE project that I’m starting on today.  This one involves fabric….lots of it!!!  And it’s bright.  I can’t wait to get started.  Today I’m digging through my sewing room and tomorrow may involve a trip to a quilt shop or two.



Author: mariajhmom

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2 thoughts on “Productive Monday Morning!

  1. Envy!!!!!! Enjoy your new baby. Someday I will have enough money hidden for one, too. It would fit so well in the RV.

  2. It looks perfect to me!! I have never been tempted to start spinning until you started!! LOL Your yarn is so amazingly lovely.

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