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Contest Winner and Enjoying The Sunshine!


First of all, congratulations to Patricia, the winner of the Angles With Ease quilt book and ruler!!!  She was comment number eleven.

Today was a day filled with sunshine!  It seems like most of the country has been experiencing strange weather this spring.  While we haven’t experienced the devastation of tornadoes that Oklahoma has seen, we have had lots of rain.  And that makes us appreciate the sunshine even more.

Our day started with church.  This was the Sunday where we honor the high school and college graduates.  It’s always a fun day, filled with excitement and celebration.

After church, I did a grocery run while Frankie and My Hero cleaned the hedgehog cage.  Then it was time to let Hannah run.  She loved the grass!

One more for good measure!

I also had to watch the end of the NASCAR race.  I got a bit of knitting in as well.

Tonight we had friends over for dinner.  We lit the fireplace and ate dinner outside.  It was a perfect evening.

Now I’m sitting here trying to decide what I want to accomplish this week.  I think the first thing I need to do is go to bed since it’s nearly 1 AM.  I’ll make a to-do list in the morning.

Tonight I’m just going to be thankful for the gorgeous day we had today.


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2 thoughts on “Contest Winner and Enjoying The Sunshine!

  1. My little dog’s name is Hannah! She is a Yorkie, and she is 12 years old and weighs 4 3/4 pounds.

  2. Also thankful for sun filled days!

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