Passing Down Crazy

Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn



Well, I think I have a third of the ginormous quilt finished.  Except that I already have a few more ideas of things to add to it.

I tend to fret about every stage of this quilt before I get going on it.  I started laying flowers out today and hated it.  I didn’t have any stems cut, so I just kept at it one piece at a time.  A couple of the flowers I made didn’t make the cut.  They may go on the other half or I’ll just skip them.  Eventually I got it to where I wanted it.

Here’s a closer shot of just the flowers.  I had the whole thing laid out on the tile floor in the kitchen.  I used an iron right on the floor to tack everything down.  Then I took the whole thing to my sewing room and ironed it really well.  Everything is iron on applique.  It will all get nailed down when I quilt it on the longarm.  That thought makes me fret…a lot.  That’s a lot of thread changes.

This flower is my very favorite.

I think this little lady is pretty cute too.

I haven’t done much else this week besides work on the quilt and do a mountain of laundry.  I think tonight, I may just knit.  Of course, I’ll be fretting about the other part of the quilt.  I have some pretty ambitious ideas!

This project is really stretching me.  I’m doing some things I never thought I could do, and I’m enjoying it.  A couple of times, I’ve been tempted  to have a bad attitude, but I’m not going to let that happen.  This quilt is going in the new kids wing at our church.  While I know that this quilt isn’t going to affect the kids, the building and the people that volunteer there certainly will.  There are lots of kids that show up there on Sunday and Wednesday that just need someone to love them and to tell them that they’re not an accident.  So, I’m going to do my small part to make that happen!

NowI’m going to go eat!  I’ve had a bunch of salmon smoking all afternoon.  I snitched a little piece earlier and its really good!!!


Author: mariajhmom

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6 thoughts on “Progress!

  1. You are wonderfully amazing!

  2. Your quilt can’t fail to make everyone who looks at it happy, that is brilliant.Well done

  3. I love it! The kids will love it, too! I predict everyone who sees it can’t help but smile. 🙂 what a lovely way to share God’s amazing creations.

  4. Your quilt is amazing! I love the lady bug…..the entire quilt is so cheerful it makes me smile. Oh and I will be over for dinner 🙂

  5. I like your circle flowers too, and those daisy leaves at the far left with the cut-outs are clever. I look forward to seeing it when it’s finished. It’ll be stunning!

  6. Maria, this is a really splendid piece and just gets better and better. Please don’t fret – follow your instincts because they are true and very very good! I can hardly wait to see this in place and I think that it will impact anyone passing it on any given day! How can you not smile? Soldier on!!!

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