Passing Down Crazy

Because Sometimes the Best Thing You Can Give Your Kid is an Addiction…To Yarn

Drum Roll, Please!!!!!


After three and a half months, the Kid’s World Quilt is complete and is hanging on the wall in its new home.

First of all, the back story.  I got a call from our pastor in March asking if I’d be interested in making a quilt for a wall in the new kids addition at our church.  I immediately said yes.  Originally it was going to hang over a stairway.  After some discussion between the powers that be that decorated, it was decided it would hang on a two story wall at the front of the building.

On March 26th, I headed to Grubers and bought fabric.  The next day, I started the quilt.

First the grass, and then the sky.  The next step was the sun.  By the end of April, the tree was added.  In May, I started making birds and animals.    In June, there were flowers and bugs added.  On June 29, the larger of the two quilt pieces was on the quilt machine.  It came off the machine at 2 AM on July 4th.  The second piece came off the longarm on July 9th.  We had a binding party the next week.

On July 17th, the quilts were hung.  The two pieces together are 12 feet wide and 14 feet 3 inches tall.  That’s a two story wall they’re hanging on.


This little red guy may be one of my favorites.  There were circles in the fabric, so I just quilted around them.


Thank you, Mickey Depre, for letting me “borrow” the idea for the ant!

My favorite funky flowers.  They look a little bit like modern hollyhocks.

The idea for the little girl came from Carol’s flickr account.  (Check out her blog for some seriously fun stuff!)  Then I had to draw the little boy.  Have I mentioned that I can’t draw!

Who doesn’t love a puppy???

By the last day, I was seriously sick of machine quilting.  If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you know that I have a hate-hate relationship with my longarm quilting machine.  The very last thing I quilted were the rays of the sun.

Well, waddayaknow!!!!!  There are feathers on those sun rays.  I actually did it.

This project has stretched me far beyond what I thought I could ever do.  Transferring an idea from my head to fabric was a long, sometimes scary project.  I’m beyond thrilled with the results.  While this quilt won’t change a little child, the whole kids building and the people who work there will.  There are so many people there that will love on those little kids.  They’ll be Jesus with skin on.

And that’s why I made a ginormous quilt.


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50 thoughts on “Drum Roll, Please!!!!!

  1. Your quilt is wonderfully awesome…I knew it would be. Congratulations on the inspiration, process and product.

  2. Looks absolutely fantastic! Can’t wait to see it in person.

  3. Wow. That’s truly stunning quilt that’s just filled with love and happiness. And even if it doesn’t change a little child, I’m sure it will make many of them smile.

  4. Congratulations on finishing a fantastic quilt and project. There are some of us who always knew you could do it if you wanted to.,

  5. Reblogged this on Being mum is just and commented:
    Oh wow this blanket is amazing. The talent and hard work that has gone into this is just well I don’t have the words except. Wow xx

  6. Your quilt is amazing! An inspiration to the rest of us! Rachel

  7. Maria –
    You are incredibly talented, tireless, and dedicated. Thanks for this beautiful gift to KidsWorld. It couldn’t possibly be any better! Congratulations!

  8. Love. Love. Love. Love. Love. This actually made me a little teary. Your work is beautiful and your creativity makes this a masterpiece. Thank you for using your gift Maria!

  9. Stunning!! This quilt will be loved by the community–no doubt that it will bring many smiles and memories in the years to come.

  10. Absolutely amazing!! What a stunning, beautiful and very detailed quilt!!

  11. That is seriously the most amazing thing I have ever seen. It is gorgeous!!! Your church is incredibly blessed to have someone with your talents.

  12. Simply stunning, amazing work!

  13. AWESOME BLOSSOM! You best be floating ‘cos this spectacular!!

  14. Great job! I love the ant.

  15. Awesome quilt! love it.

  16. I am so in awe of this Maria!! Stunning doesn’t even begin to describe it! You should take a picture of you or some kids standing by it for the size perspective! It is amazing! I’ve really enjoyed watching you through this process…stretch yourself is right. Just awesome!!!

    Can you imagine a smaller version in a future grandbaby’s room?? (I know…way too soon….but seriously, would be so darn cute for a kid’s room!). Such a treasure to see it in your church I bet!

  17. Congrats Maria on a job well done! I can’t imagine all the work and planning that went into this. My brain hurts just thinking about it!

  18. Wow! This is stunning Maria! It’s that kind of quilt that just makes you happy looking at it!

  19. I cannot come up with enough adjectives to describe how AWESOME!!! that quilt is! I love it sooooo much!!

  20. Maria I am so proud of you that is awesome May God richly bless you Love you

  21. It’s beautiful! What wonderful work and a great place to show it off.

  22. That is insanely beautiful, Maria! You are a very talented lady!

  23. Absolutely gorgeous! I am sooo impressed! Love it!

  24. I can’t even begin to come up with enough superlatives to describe this! I want to be able to look it over section by section so I don’t miss anything! There is so much to love about it. All the different insects, and the cool flowers, the hanging purple bells might be my favorite.

  25. That is one incredibly awesome quilt!!
    Thank-you for sharing.
    Thank-you for inspiring.
    Thank-you for stepping up!!
    That is really out of this world. 😉
    Sooo, what’s next? (hehe)

  26. Absolutely beautiful!! And I love all of the fun little whimsical details you included. What a work of art!

  27. So much to look at! Wonderful and fun details! You did an AWESOME job on this!

  28. This is truly spectacular!

  29. Fabulous work and such a awesome scale!. It is such a happy quilt it will just pass it on to everyone that see it.

  30. You did an absolutely amazing job on this I’ve enjoyed seeing every step of your progress and am still blown away at the end result. I’m also impressed at how quickly you did it from start to finish.

  31. waw, that is soooooooooooooooooo beautiful, so happy! Bravo!!!!!!

  32. I love your work. You did a great job. All the children will love this for every.

  33. Amazing!! Awesome!! Stunning!! Wowee!!

  34. Reblogged this on dawnmariew19 and commented:
    **I have been following the progress of this quilt since it was started. It’s absolutely stunning! **

  35. I’m super impressed! Your reason for making it is wonderful! May God’s kingdom be furtherd!

  36. Simply unbelievable. . . This is what can happen when willing meets inspired meets creative meets talented meets determined meets committed meets faithful meets finished! So proud of you.

  37. Very pretty and colorful–Perfect for children!

  38. Wow what am amazing quilt. I would love to see it in the flesh but as i live in the uk it’s unlikely, but I can admire it from afar!

  39. An amazing piece of art! Beautiful ! Well done for finishing

  40. WOW!!!! This is absolutely amazing! You have an amazing gift of talent. What a huge undertaking to design, plan, and complete this wonderful work of art. I surely wish I could see it in person some day. Everyone at your Church and that stops there is so lucky to be able to see and enjoy it. What a blessing to them! Thank you so much for sharing the progress along the way, it was neat to see it develop.

  41. Well done. That is such a great quilt. Those kids, big and small, will love seeing that quilt every time they go by.

  42. Congratulations on your wonderful project. I adore the birds!

  43. You did an incredible job on this huge quilt/wallhanging. It looks great! Being a longarm quilter myself I can appreciate all of the quilting done on this. What a great thing to see everytime you go by.

  44. Your quilt is absolutely spectacular! It’s so bright and happy! The children will love it and it may inspire some to think about sewing or quilting one day. Fantastic!!

  45. Had to pop out of lurkdom to tell you that this is beautiful! Love the expressions on all of the “live” peeps, but my fav is the wagging tail on the dog. Nicely done!

  46. Stunning!! You are truly talented!

  47. OMG – this is spectacular!!!

  48. Amazing! This quilt is simply fantastic!

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