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Who Doesn’t Love Maine?


Wow! It’s been a busy week! New York City was a whirlwind. Double decker bus tours, The Empire State Building, the World Trade Center Memorial, Cinderella and Lion King on Broadway, and the Intrepid tour. That was all in two days! Whew!





On Sunday we drove to Cape Cod. We were there for two nights. That was much more low key. As you can see, My Hero even lounged a bit.


Yesterday we drove to Bar Harbor, Maine. Here’s our view out the front window.



We've been enjoying the local cuisine!


And some knitting!!! Superblonde and I made a trip to String Theory Yarn in Blue Hill, Maine. I forgot to take photos, but suffice it to say, my credit card felt it!

I’ve only knit on one project this whole trip. I’m knitting Vitamin D with Sundara Fingering Cashmere Merino on size 4 needles. It’s knit from the top down. I have the sleeves finished and I’m working my way down the body. I think it’s because the yarn is so amazing, but I’m not getting sick of it at all.


You’ll have to excuse the lack of links in this post. I’m pretty sure some of the photos are in the wrong place too. That’s what happens when you do a long post on an iPhone. We’ve had really poor Internet everywhere we’ve gone.

Well, I’ve enjoyed my morning gazing out over the water, knitting, and blogging. Now it’s time to check out Acadia National Park. I really wish we could stay longer in Maine

I think one more Lobster Roll is on the list too.


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3 thoughts on “Who Doesn’t Love Maine?

  1. I’m enjoying your Blog. I’m sure I’ve said this before: I wish I were one of your kids…

  2. I feel like I’m traveling with you guys! Love your updates from the road. Pretty impressive post from an iPhone.

  3. Maria, So glad you got to go to Maine!! I go every summer, to the Boothbay Harbor area. Can’t wait to get there in 2 weeks!! String Theory is so fabulous!! Also, Purl Diva in Brunswick is a great shop. Ellen, the owner is so nice. Red’s Eats, in Wiscasset, is a true Maine experience – best lobster rolls!! And, if you get to downtown Portland, the Standard Baking Company is a must visit!! Also, the KnitWit yarn shop on Congress Street is the home store for all the Quince and Co yarn. Enjoy your trip in such a special part of the USA.

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