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50 States Tour


Well, we did it! All of us (minus The Genius 😢) have been in all fifty United States!

We bought our motorhome on March of 2004. Our goal right from the start was to see all of the US. So we bought a map and started adding stickers. Here’s what it looks like as of yesterday.


Our last state was Vermont! We stayed in Burlington last night, on the shores of Lake Champlain.

The first year, we just did a small trip to Michigan and Wisconsin. Mackinaw Island was a highlight.

The next trip was the Pacific Northwest, with Whistler BC thrown in. We will definitely be going back there, along with Northern California.

After that was the southwest. It included the Royal Gorge in Colorado, the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, and our favorite, Zion National Park.

The Southeast was our endurance test. We went in August. It was unbearably hot, we had electrical problems, which affected our AC, and we had a sick kid. We saw the Gulf Shores of Alabama, went to a Disney waterpark (minus Mom and a sick kid) while the bus was being fixed. We got a bus full of ants in Georgia. We stayed at the Kentucky Horsepark in Lexington. That was fun! We spent a couple days on Ohio where My Hero’s brother lives. The heat finally broke and we spent a day watching cigar boat races. It was a good end to a trip.

The Washington DC tour was amazing. We also went to Williamsburg, the OBX, Myrtle Beach, and Gatlinburg. And to humor Mom, we toured a NASCAR track. It was Lowe’s Motor Speedway at the time.

And now, we’re finishing with the Northeast, which I’ve blogged the last 10 days.

We left Bar Harbor, Maine yesterday and in the afternoon we crossed the border into Vermont, which was the 50th state for us!


We will finish our trip with Niagara Falls and roller coasters in Sandusky, Ohio.

When I think of the whole experience, I’m amazed at this great country. We are a blessed nation. I also learned that although we enjoyed the entertainment that big cities provide, we love the mountains and the oceans. The parts that God created are the best.

The bickering made me want to jump out of a moving bus at times. But the times of goofing off and laughing more than made up for the fighting. I hope the kids will look back on these travels and have good memories. I know I do. And I’m once again sure that My Hero deserves a medal. It’s a lot of work for him, dealing with a tow vehicle, loading and unloading bikes, and keeping everything working on the bus. And he had to deal with us, and he does it without ever getting crabby. I do all the organizing and planning, but most of that is done ahead of time.

Big sigh. We did it.

Please God, continue to bless America.


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3 thoughts on “50 States Tour

  1. What a great experience for your entire family. What a blessing you are to your kids!

  2. Congrats! What fun….though I have no idea how you manage the stamina for those long trips…we are back from a few days in UP MI and I’m exhausted.

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