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Blue Moon Fiber Arts Heaven!


Several months ago, I joined the Blue Moon Fiber Arts Rockin’ Whorl Club, which is fiber rather than their usual sock yarn.  A couple of weeks ago, we received 5 ounces of BFL and 3 ounces of merino silk.  The color way is called Sleepy Hollow.  Tina’s suggestion was to spin them separately and then ply them.  So that’s exactly what I did.  I always follow directions when I feel like it.

I  can’t even tell you how much I love this!!!  I have 400 yards, so whatever it decides it wants to be will be fun!!!

I’ve been buried in yarn all week.  I’ve sorted everything and my bedroom is no longer a candidate for Hoarders.  That makes me really happy.  I’ve listed a bunch of yarn for sale.  Please check it out and see if there’s something that needs to live in your home!

The other thing I did was to make sure all my handspun was on Ravelry.  That’s the only way I can keep track of it.  It still fits in one bin, but just barely!!!  Here’s the pile!

How’s that for a variety of color!!!  I’m thinking I should sell some of it, but I’m emotionally attached to stuff I’ve made. (If you look in the top left corner, by assistant is resting!)

The bad part about sorting all my yarn is that now I want to knit it all, and that’s a lot of yarn.  I’m trying to finish a couple of things I’d forgotten about.

There are some new projects in the works as well.  Three of my kids are using old Christmas stockings from when my siblings and I were kids.  I’d started a stocking for Miss In Charge a few years ago.  There was a ton of errata in the pattern, and I never finished it.  I’m going to figure that out, and then knit a stocking for Dreamboy.  Hopefully by the time he’s married, Frankie won’t have a hand me down stocking.

And now I’m going to go knit for a while.  Then it’s off to a Jr. High basketball game.  The rest of the weekend is pretty quiet and I’m looking forward to that!


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4 thoughts on “Blue Moon Fiber Arts Heaven!

  1. Have you considered a Schacht Cricket loom? (Or any other small rigid heddle loom?) It is amazing to see your handspun woven into fabric, and it feels even better to wear it. They are super-easy and fast to warp. Your handspun is lovely—I wouldn’t be able to sell it, either. I didn’t realize BMFA has a fiber club.

  2. Your pile of homespun looks wonderful! I’m looking forward to seeing what you make with it!

  3. That is an impressive handspun stash!! Love all of the colors! Thanks for the inspiration. I’ve just set up my wheel for the season and I am having such a good time sitting and spinning.

  4. Oh I LOVE your new Blue Moon handspun. If you ever want to sell it, I’ll pay oodles for those colors. So beautiful!

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