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We Came, We Saw, We Knit

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Yep!  Still here!  Still knitting!  Just not blogging it….which is dumb, because I have a lot to blog.

We just returned from our Thanksgiving trip with my family.  29 of us spent nine days on the beach.  Mom, The Genius, and I spent a lot of beach time doing what we do best….knitting.  The rest of the crowd swam, enjoyed a day of huge waves, sunned, and built a huge sand alligator.  And I have almost no pictures.

Just to give you an idea of how we ended up with 29 people, let me tell you about the birds and the bees.  Just kidding!  My parents were there, along with myself and my three siblings.  All four of us had our spouses with us.  Three of the four of us have 5 kids.  One sibling has 4 kids.  And one of the four kids is married.  Now, if you’re really astute with math, you’ll quickly figure out that that adds up to 30 people.  One niece is a senior in nursing school and wasn’t able to play hooky with us.  So that makes 29.

My first knitting project was a tiny baby hat for a friend.

The yarn is Knitcol by Adriafil.  The pattern is Rib Knit Baby Hat and it’s a free pattern!  It was a fun, quick knit and I’m sure my neighbor will love it.

My big knitting project for our vacation was a cardigan for my youngest niece.  I saw the pattern on Ravelry and I just had to knit it for someone!  I’m pretty sure it was a huge success too!  Doesn’t Miss E look pleased?  My brother took this photo at their church the day after they got home.  Perfect backdrop, huh?

The pattern is Flower Cardigan by Ewelina Murach.  The yarn is Tess’ Designer Yarn Merino super wash.  I would have liked a solid color for the cardigan, but I decided to knit it right before we left on vacation, and this is what I had.  It actually worked pretty well and it’s really soft!

Here’s the reason I decided to knit it in the first place.

That flower on the back is so cute!  The sweater is constructed so differently, but when I just followed the instructions step by step, it worked perfectly.  I did’t change a thing!

It’s crazy cold here.

Screen Shot 2013-12-06 at 8.06.45 AM

My plan for the weekend is to stay home as much as possible.  I have a bunch of kids to make waffles for tomorrow noon at our local Youth For Christ office, but other than that, I’m here.  I’m knitting a cool handspun that is almost finished.  The blocking will be really interesting.  You’ll see!  Then I’m going to finish knitting a stocking I started for Dreamboy.  And it’s time to do some more spinning.

Today I’m going to finish Christmas decorating.  I did most of it before we left on vacation, but Superblonde wanted a live tree, so for the first time in a lot of years, one of our trees is live.

Now it’s time to throw on some sweats, brush my teeth, and get busy.


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One thought on “We Came, We Saw, We Knit

  1. Great! Seriously cute sweater and my first thought was…sure I could get that done for my niece before Christmas! And that’s when the hyperventilating started…
    Best day ever, when I remembered her birthday is in January!!
    Nice to see you back and look forward to more pics.
    P.S. Love the snow falling. 🙂

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