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The Six Year Cardigan


I know I probably have the most WIPs (Works in Progress) of anyone you know, but I proved this week that I do eventually get back to some of them.

I started the Must Have Cardigan in January of 2008.  I guess it wasn’t the Must Have Cardi.  It was the Must Have Eventually Cardi.

This is a hugely popular pattern!  And it’s free!  I looked at a bunch of the photos of it on Ravelry, and there wasn’t one that was ugly.  It’s just a great pattern!  I used Classic Elite Waterlily yarn.  Unfortunately, it’s discontinued, which is a sad thing because it’s fabulous yarn.  The only change I made was to make the front band a little wider because my buttons were bigger.

Speaking of buttons…

I’m pretty sure I found the perfect buttons for this sweater.  I purchased them from Diana at Artisticrenderings on Etsy.  I knew when I ordered them that they’d be perfect and when they showed up, I was thrilled!

Yep!  Even the back is covered with cables.  Several people that made the sweater commented that it was a little short.  I would agree that it could have been just a little longer, but its fine the way it is.  The other comment was that the cables aren’t mirrored, but by the time I noticed, it was too late to change them.  I’m weirdly perfectionistic about things like that, but this doesn’t bother me.

In case you haven’t seen enough cables, here’s one more shot.

I think it’s time to go dig in the bottom drawer and find another perfect, unfinished project.  This is kinda fun!!!  Actually, finishing this reminded me how much fun cables are.  I promptly started another cardigan that’s covered in cables.  Check out Grover’s Mill by Kirsted Kapur.  I’ll post photos….eventually!

And now I need to get hopping!  Superblonde is turning 20 tomorrow and Miss In Charge will be 15.  Yep.  Two kids with the same birthday.  Superblonde is in college and heading to Grandpa and Grandmas for the weekend, but Miss In Charge is having a bunch of girls over tonight and is requesting fondue for dinner tomorrow night.  (And she’s getting her braces off as we speak.)  So…I’m off to the grocery store.

Have a fabulous weekend!


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6 thoughts on “The Six Year Cardigan

  1. (cough) Kauni (cough). I kid, I have over a dozen projects partially done.

  2. Simply gorgeous !

  3. I’m so glad I’m not copying you this time.. because I know I won’t finish it – at least I’m close with my Mr. Greenjeans, which is umm… about 4 or 5 years old. But it’s just gorgeous…

  4. You’re amazing…

  5. I just finished a “Four Year Cardigan” and it feels great. Good job finishing and old WIP!

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