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The Olympics and Knitting


So….the Olympics start tomorrow.  Technically.  There are some events tonight, but the actual time of the Opening Ceremonies is 10:00 AM on February 7th.

I love the Olympics.  I have for years.  My favorite part is the human interest stories, but I love it all.  In 2008, my love for the Olympics took on a new twist.  I decided to join the Knitting Olympics.  I chose a project that would be a huge challenge and I had 17 days to knit it.  I cast on during the opening ceremonies and had it finished by the time I watched the closing ceremonies.

I had a beautiful black cashmere shawl, knit with 1,800 yards of laceweight yarn.

Then, in 2010, I stepped it up a notch.  I decided to knit a Dale of Norway sweater for My Hero in 16 days.  I never went to bed before 3 AM.  One day, I had to rip out an entire days worth of black stockinette because I’d put the stitches for the zipper steek in the wrong place.  I even hauled a sewing machine along to Florida, just to do the steeks on the sweater.

I never did put the patch on it.  I finished on time, and My Hero wears it a lot!

When I started thinking about what I wanted to knit during Sochi 2014, I decided to knit myself a sweater.  I wound the yarn and did a test swatch. Then I started digging through my WIP drawer.  A WIP is a Work In Process.  I have lots of them.  I found about 10 unfinished cardigans.  I decided to see if I can finish three cardigans in 16 days.  I haven’t decided for sure which ones they will be.  I have the first one chosen, but it demands its own post, so more on that later.

I really feel like I’m in the best knitting shape of my life.  I’ve trained for years!!!  I’ve participated in the Olympics twice.  I’m disciplined.  I knit every single day!

But today I’m faced with a game ending injury!  (Have you figured out by now that this is very tongue in cheek???)  I did something to my right hand.  It feels like a tore a muscle in the palm of my hand, leading to my pinkie finger.  It’s so painful, I can’t knit.  (This part is really true!!!)  I’m trying to rest it, because tomorrow, it’s game on!

Good thing I’m not too old to participate in the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics.

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7 thoughts on “The Olympics and Knitting

  1. Good for you! I do a lot of knitting during the Olympics, but never thought to challenge myself with particular projects. Have you ever thought of leading a KAL for the Olympics? I bet you could have a lot of fun with it.

    I hope your hand is recovered in time. Lance Armstrong can probably fix you up with a remedy to be well enough to compete if it isn’t. 🙂

  2. I would stay away from Lance Armstrong—I’m thinking any help he would give you would only lead to a no-good end. And you would have to be on “Oprah.” I have several pairs of socks in various stages of completion, and I need to clear those needles off so I can move onto other things. I have put them all in a huge tote bag, and put the tote bag by my TV chair. I hope your hand gets better—we are having perfect knitting weather—it must be a drag to have to sit it out. Your Dale is amazing—your hero is a pretty lucky guy.

  3. Go for the gold, Maria!

  4. Go Maria, and now I think I know what my project will be (my first time out). A cardigan I promised my husband years ago and still only 1/2 finished. ‘Sorry, honey, but black on black stockinette’… for a tall man….it will be an endurance event. So I’ll see you at the finish line.

  5. I’ve always enjoyed hearing of your Olympic adventures. I thought you were crazy to attempt the sweater for Your Hero. But you pulled off a gold. I’m thrilled to hear he wears it often!

  6. You are so smart. I’m starting a new sweater instead of working on the ones I already have on the needles. It’s too late now, all the planning is done and I’m looking forward to my new black sweater (Acer), but if I finish before the 16 days are up, it’s to the WIP arena for me too!

  7. You can help the injury along by putting the hand into ice water. I put a few ice cubes in a smaller type sink, set my hand in it for 30 seconds to a minute, then take it out and warm it up in a towel. Repeat when your hand has warmed up. You can do this several times a day. It helps the hand to heal. Do not leave it in the ice water too long at a time, as that can do damage. In addition to resting, this heals quickly. I am a double bass player, a kayaker, and a knitter, and sometimes my arms and hands say “ouch”. If it really is torn, you need to see a doctor asap.

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