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Mediocre Olympic Showing!


So…It’s day four of the Olympics.  I’m working on my Olympic knitting, but it’s slow going.  Let me just say I really hate colorwork sleeves in the round.  I’m so desperate, I’ve now switched to double points.  I hate double points.

Here’s what I’m working on.

I mentioned in the last post that I was going to try to finish some projects, rather than starting new things.  Does anyone recognize this?

How about this?

Yep, it’s my Damask Kauni.  It set off a pretty big craze for a while.  I started it in 2007 and never finished it.  Why?  Because there is no possible way it will ever fit me.  I think it’s destined to live out its life on a mannequin as a decoration.  I last worked on it in 2009.  When I stuffed it back in the bag, I had about 4 inches left on one sleeve.  During the opening ceremonies of the Olympics, and later that night, I finished the first sleeves.  On day 2, I picked up stitches for the second sleeve and knit a few rows.  Day three was pretty slow too.  This morning, I pounded out a bunch.  I ‘m still only about one third of the way through the sleeve.

I was wondering why my knitting looks so uneven, and then I realized I steamed the rest of the sweater.  Colorwork loves steam!!!  I steamed the rest of the first sleeve and it looks pretty decent.  I’m going to knit as much as I can the next couple of days because I want it finished!!!

The other thing I mentioned in my last post is that I had hurt my right hand.  I rested it for a couple of days, and it seems to have cleared up.  It gets a bit sore when I knit too much, but a nights rest takes care of it.

Gotta go.  The color work is screaming at calling me.  I need to work hard.  Doesn’t every Olympian want their mom to be proud???

Author: mariajhmom

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4 thoughts on “Mediocre Olympic Showing!

  1. I remember this sweater – it’s beautiful!

  2. It is beautiful. I’m working on an ‘old’ project too, but mine is solid black. Stamina is needed. I’ve cast on an alternate project with color to keep my sanity when I can’t do another row of the black. lol
    The colors are wonderful. I hope you find a way to use the finished sweater other than on a manikin.

  3. i remember those projects, amazing that I have been following your knitting for this long!!! I am doing a Readers Wrap for Olympics because a lot of folks on the team are, but it is a bit boring and a bit too simplistic, need to find something pepperier to knit!

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