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Damask Kauni. The End.


I did it!!!!!  My Damask Kauni is finished and it only took 7 years.  Seven.  Long.  Years.

I knit most of the day today, stopping only to put in the next load of laundry and fold the last one.  I finished the picot edge on the sleeve at about 7 PM tonight.  I wove in the  rest of the ends and threw it in the sink.

Isn’t that the most inspiring photo you’ve ever seen???

It’s now hanging out on the floor of my bedroom.  I really didn’t think my second sleeve was going to block very well.  I’ll have to admit I wasn’t very careful knitting it.  I was so over this sweater!!!  It looks pretty decent though.

There will be a proper photo shoot next week.  I’m either going to have to bribe Ms In Charge or a niece to model it.

Now it’s time to clean up the kitchen and pack.  Part of us are heading out after school tomorrow to Northern Minnesota for some serious snowmobiling. Dreamboy is taking some friends.  I’ll be the only girl along and I’m only allowed because I cook.

My goal is to finish another sweater.  This one was started in 2006.

I’m going to have so many empty knitting needles.


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13 thoughts on “Damask Kauni. The End.

  1. Yea, for finished ‘old’ projects. It gives me hope. I’m trying to finish a sweater for my husband during the Ravellenic Games. I can’t remember when I started. 🙂 Congratulations…it is beautiful.

  2. I’m just here browsing but wow! that looks amazing.

  3. A beautiful hard-fought finish–congratulations!

  4. Congrats on the finished sweater. It’s gorgeous! The colors are spectacular; and the patterning! Wow! Can’t wait to see it modeled. I don’t think I would ever have the patience to do this. Give yourself a gold medal for style, beauty and endurance!

  5. I honestly wasn’t sure I’d ever see the day……you probably thought that too. Congrats on a completed project. Even if it is “just” decorative, what a fabulous decorative piece.

  6. Beautiful. Well worth the wait.

  7. So gorgeous! It’s funny how people are different! I love dpns!

  8. Your sweater is so gorgeous! Well done!

  9. It’s absolutely stunning!

  10. Well done! It is stunningly beautiful! 😉

  11. Love it!

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